Results in less than 24 hours with King Belial

This is my public acknowledgement to King Belial’ immense work!

Asked to remove my ex’s blockages towards me and after 6 weeks of no contact she messaged me in less than 24 hours after my request asking how I’ve been. constant messages back and forth now.



He’s amazing with the small things. I recommend having a night of fun with him as thanks. :wink:

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Definitely will do, look forward to working with him in the future. Found him to be incredibly calm with me, he didn’t speak much just nodded or shook his head and the odd few words.

Once you treat him as a friend rather than a teacher he opens up immensely.

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Belial is simply amazing, just WONDERFUL, isn’t he?? Once you get to know him and TRUST HIM, he can change your life in so many ways. He always tells me he’s my protector, all I need to do is just trust him to do what I ask, and he always does it.

So glad he came through for you :blush:


Belial is the true definition of a badass. Protecting everyone he loves while leaving no remorse for the enemies of himself and the protected. He always told me that i’m his friend, not a student. That changed the way I look at most spiritual relationships tbh.


King Belial is truly Amazing!!! I love working with Him. I love Him like a friend, a lover, and a protector. I feel very privileged to have Belial in my life. I cherish my relationship with Him.

Hail King Belial!!!


Belial gets things done!