Results in Death Magick

After nearly 4 months on this project, I finally succeeded.
Erased that mf for good.
Do you guys have had any similar experiences?
How long did it take for you to see results from this kind of magick?


can you share details ?

I usually don’t share similar things publicly in the forum. I don’t even PM users about it, unless I trust their judgement and personality, thus unless I know for a fact that they won’t use the magick irresponsibly.
So, sorry , but I can’t share details of the spell. Besides ,it contains sensitive content that may not be approved by many.

The topic was me asking how much time it took for others until they saw results.

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understandable … i was just curious.

Of course. I understand. Sorry If I came off as hostile. (I’ve been told that before idk)

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no didnt feel any hostility in ur reply. its cool

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Bitch I am nowhere near killing someone. You magickal beast :joy: :joy:

Lmao you’ll get there man :blush:

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