Results before even doing the workings/rituals/spells

So im wondering if anyone or how many of you get results before actually doing anything towards it ive been planning on doing a few workings for something so went and bought supplies for the spells/rituals and before ive even begun doing the workings im getting results and they are coming hard and fast is it a sign ? coincidence ? or are those who I work with anticipating me ? or could it be linked to workings that others have been doing for me which on the surface seem unrelated but could be a neccesary step for the things i have asked for to come to fruition I have the means for this to happen anyway but it just seems too coincidental and the results are just coming so thick and fast and I havnt even done the ritual yet :-/

Magick on a subconscious level perhaps ? the desire and will and means are there for it to happen but didnt expect it to be like this it would be amazing if one just had to will something although I have in the past thrown my whole will into something and its happened but not so with other things perhaps because I lust after the results sometimes, this sure is a strange, curious, surprising and exciting journey.

Its weird because even though I am asking here the answers are flooding into my head they are not coherant enough for me to pick them out but it feels as though I am being given the answers without being given the answers like i can read the words but i dont know what they mean what a head fuck.

Time for a chat with Lucifer later methinks :slight_smile:


I’ve heard this happens fairly often to magicians, especially with powerful workings. Perhaps the power from the ritual is causally effective both forwards and backwards in time.

What I’ve always wondered is: what would happen if you chose not to perform the ritual after you start seeing these results? I bear no responsibility for ensuing time loop paradoxes that crash the Universe. :laughing:

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I think the mind warps reality on some level already, without the aid of magic. Magic is just an amplifier for the waves that the mind already produces. The thing is you don’t want to turn it up too loud or it’ll bleed the ears of the universe and shatter the glass of reality (metaphorically, but make of the impact as you will). So if you’ve been working towards a goal for some time, the effects may have been taking place by the time you sit down to do a ritual.

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It occurred to me that your ritual actually begins the minute you consider creating the working and set in motion the planning of the ritual act. So, that might involve all consecrations, buying of materials, self cleansing, raising energy, planetary hour research etc. If you are working with any specific entity and already speaking to that entity even in the form of a rehearsal then it could actually start the process from that point.


I can only imagine the embarrassing things I have said while rehearsing things to say to spirits prior to evocation
They probably heard me :joy:


I have had manifestations for chaos sigils that I have made before they even get charged. I started a thread on the subject and something someone said about time, magick, and how the two can relate made sense. Basically, the idea was that the subconscious had presently triggered the events that led to the manifestation before the conscious mind had even had the idea to make the sigil, or something roughly approximate to that idea. Either that or it reached backwards to trigger the event. Who knows, right?

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Actually - does anybody watch Yamaya Cruz’s Youtube channel, she does a lot of ritual work with Oshun and other Afrocentric deities and her take is that all possible outcomes are happening at once already.

All you need to do is skip across to the right parallel track for the outcome you want - this puts a damned big horsey grin on my face as I’m happily snogging the Beloved in another track yet sitting here with Christmas Tourettes (let’s leave the one non-Xian to sort out this bloody consumer fest for everybody) and attempting a moment of calm on BALG in this one desperately trying to figure out how to tune to the “snog his face off” channel…

I’ll work it out, Duke Dantalion, Lord Rosier come on boys help me out here…

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Recent experiences have shown me the 2 seem directly connected. Alot of old systems place Alot of emphasis on devoloping mental contol FIRST. The path of smoke places emphasis on being mindful of thoughts,word,and deeds. Becuase as you develop these combine inside and outside the temple to manifest life around you. Kinda like the amp for the guitar getting permanently connected with ever increasing volume.

For example. You go about your day end up dealing with a string of bad events. Allow it to steer your mind into thinking it is a bad week when it is just starting. Next thing you know its friday and the whole week has been a shift storm. Same goes for the opposite work week starts out good and snowballs in to “good luck”.

Taken to its extremes you hurl your life into prosperity or poverty based on HOW or If you let things effect you. You are god and the devil in your life.