Resulta from Jason Miller's General Rite Ov Offering

So anyone familiar with Jason Miller’s book “The Sorcerer’s Secret’s” know what this rite entails.
For those who don’t here’s a quick explanation.

You purify incense and a liabation such as alcohol by performing a gesture called The Triangle of Manifestation.over the offerings on the altar while reciting an incantation to purify the offerings.

You then go into a lengthy conjuration calling every spirit imaginable from Undines,Guardians,spirits of the Mighty Dead,all the way to spirits of I’ll will.

It’s a way of asking spirits to forgive you of unknown offenses and to become your allies.

Anyway I’ve been performing this rite almost everyday and last night was the most intense experience I’ve had with this ritual.

I read the conjuration from the book then turn the lights off and sit in pitch black as Jason Miller says you can communicate with the spirits before dismissing them.

As I sat in the dark meditating I saw forms of energy which some took the shape of entities albeit very small and vague.

The spirits moved towards me then would dissapear.
Also the chalice of rum I had on the altar began to sparkle almost lighting up the altar.
I also had a black mirror on the altar that radiated with energy.

So that’s my experience and I highly reccomend this ritual to increase your relationship with spirits and help develops your astral senses.

Hope this does somebody some good with their spirit communication and thanks for reading!

Keep it real on the Dark Sieeed!



They are the genius loci, the natural spirit inhabitants of the place. I feed the local genii myself in am outdoors altar.

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Just had another great experience with this ritual.
I performed the rite as described in the OP and as I shut the lights of the only illumination was the hot red coal.

I began to gaze at it and the coal started moving up then to the side.

Thinking this was just a visualization of being in trance plus the energy work I performed before the rite I let it continue.

Becoming curious I reached out my hand to the altar to find that the sensor had actually moved.

I watched it float around the air and move from side to side to at one point the sensor wasn’t even on the altar.

I saw a lot of shadows and then to my surprise a skeletal entity who seemed to be wearing armor of some sort appeared over the altar and knelt down over the chalice full of rum.

Very cool experience.

Highly reccomending this rite…again.


PS:Gonna go play some video games now to ground myself lol.
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