Result time difference between methods

I know that magick isn’t meant to be an instantaneous process but which method has yielded the fastest results for you? Generally speaking, I’m looking for a result time comparison between Demons of Magick rituals (one or two), Angelic Magick (as in the Damon Brand method), Chaos Magick (Adam Blackthorne style) or pathway rituals to demons using Theodore Rose. If there is a method you used not mentioned, please advise.


Speed and “intensity” of results is, generally speaking, related to how close to this world the spirits are (hence why loi tend to be stronger than other gods, they are literally akin to divine land spirits infused with millennia of power on this planet), what kinds of things they’re made of (yin tends to work faster than yang, at least in this universe, and lower frequencies are already closer to this planet).

Sometimes things are better when they are quick, cheap, and dirty, whereas other times, a slow and thorough approach is necessary to make sure all the chips fall into place. It isn’t a black and white thing either, most beings are highly adaptable, alternating between frequencies and energies, and most things are somewhere in the middle. You want results to come on time, preferably as soon as possible, but also to last for as long as possible.

Another factor to consider is what you are, and what exactly you are made of. Chaos magic works with your own energy, for the most part. Your results are entirely dependent on what you are made up of, and whether your energy and spirit is one of the more slow and thorough, or quick and easy ones. Most humans tend to fall in the middle, and be closer to the latter, though there are some really strange things out there. What you are made of also determines your resonance and response to, angels and demons, how they behave towards you, how your results manifest, how fast they come and how long they last. Know thyself, and you will save yourself a lot of time in terms of trial and error.


As Arcane alluded to, speed of results is really more dependent on the situation and what you are asking for, not as much the spirits or method. Generally speaking, demons are thought to work a little faster, while angels bring results that stretch a little further into the future. This isn’t entirely accurate, as angels can work quickly and demons can sculpt a situation gradually over time, but you may find this to be a general trend.

Remember, with magick you are manipulating the very fabric of existence to bend to your Will. You can come to know yourself more fully, and craft the life that you desire by shifting time and bending reality before you. A little patience is a small price to pay for such power.


The one where I was desperate as fuck and almost kept crying-screaming-banging my head on the floor for almost two hour. If you can go into that state, the you don’t even need any sigil. All the spirits around you, the gods who are near by and more importantly each and every fabric of your mind and body/spirit will get to work making it happen !


Personally i have noticed the 3 pattern. 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and yes 3 years. Maybe is the number of magic, Mother Lilith + Father Samael + Child the Beast.

PS: sometimes i find IT funny when a ritual needs the repetition of a Phrase 7, 9, 11 or 13 times. I am Sure 3 is enough