Restricted Toilet Break Policy

Here is a message I got from a member who wishes to remain anonymous.


I suggest you make a thread, and herd the rest of the BALGers together to combat this.[/i]

Apparently, many factories and companies (not just poultry plans) have a restricted bathroom break policy that forces employees to keep working, performing more or less dangerous tasks or taking phone calls, even if they truly need to use the toilet.

Holding one’s pee for too long may in some cases cause death! I’ve already heard of two such cases. According to news reports, many of those poultry plants employees now need to wear diapers so may relieve themselves and keep working. Such conditions are obviously insane.

Once again, I’m sharing this since a mage suggested I did.

They’d have to report the bosses to OSHA

Let them feel the effect of a million curses and the wrath of a thousand demons!

The moral of this story:

If you’re a slave expect to be treated like a slave.

Rise above being a slave.