Restoring eyesight back to 20/20

Anyone know how to restore eyesight back to 20/20 without some lasik surgery?


Summon Marbas or Archangel Raphael.

There are others but these two are the first on my list.

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Marbuses powers say:

To cure an infectious disease.

To cause another to contract an infectious disease.

To discover omens regarding secrets.

To obtain insights and intuition regarding something deliberately made secret by others.

To have the appearance and demeanor of one unlike yourself.

Having bad eyesight doesn’t come under any of these?

Something a bit cheaper than lasers…

:no_mouth: is this real?

Yes! I use that site regularly for various issues.

I’ve started the eye one recently as I wear glasses for reading. I can now go longer without using them and my eyes don’t feel as tired. I will reuse the recording the soon in the hope of further improvement.

you are to linear. Healing is his thing so yes he can.

He is the Engineer, the Surgeon of the body, among other things.

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My eye doctor told me that Lasik eye surgery causes cataracts years after it is done.

Dr.sebi has something for this the natural way

I’ve actually seen this, lady at my work went back to glasses then had to go back in because of Cataracts.

Start doing daily excersises for strengthening your eyes, like so:

I went to a lasik center a few weeks ago, they sat me down for some informational videos while I waited, it was so fucking creepy. Basically they slice open part of the eye and leave a little flesh-flap, then they use lasers to reshape it and put the flap back where it seals automatically. The video came across to me as a kind of gleeful horror, I had to look away whenever the process was depicted because it was wigging me out.

would this work on very bad eyesight as well? i use glasses for everything and i have a pretty high prescription

It might make your eyesight better but everyone is different and depends on how much commitment you put in as well and also patience.

I’m going to sit on the fence on this one by not recommending it but equally will not dissuade you from trying either.

Yes, to more than 20/20.

Awakening/Enlightenment is a state of being in wich all the body healed. So there is no cure, there is the real you to be discovered and a new way of doing everything.