Restart / Reboot / Rebegin / TEACH ME!

Such a reboot
I hope some help me now to gain more power in life.

I’ve been to death twice already and no I do not want to part with my wife, but the lawyer is stressing me and my children my family is suffering.

Since I live in divorce and currently live with mom I have no possibility to “candles or smoking” to leave.

I primarily want sexappel luck power
Afterwards money success health

Ah, and I need a protective spell, I think
how do I do that ? Can anyone help me?

Am from Germany and use google translator


I’m painting a sigl on DinA4 paper

meditate or introduce mr and look at this sigl and imagine to load it with energy
After I notice it vibrates I realize it’s time
So now how do I make contact? You all say and write always I talked to him he is gentle / hard … how do you speak? telepathy?
Does this being know what I want? And how do I know that he helps me?
At the end of the ritual, I will cut my right hand and bleed on the sigl as a thank you? And then ? Many say they hide others say they burn. The thing is loaded with energy so keep would be more useful or not?

This demonic King excels at overcoming the legal system: