Response to threats

Do the aura responds to people making direct verbal threats to me? Such as saying that I’m cursed for instance? Do the aura have an automatically self-defense mechanism?

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No. The aura, aka the energy field of the body, responds to your emotional state. If you’re afraid, or depressed, the aura tends to contract and hug close to the body. If you are happy, excited, or confident, the aura extends further outward, reaching out and interacting with the auras of the people around you.


That’s a bit like asking if the light from a lightbulb reacts to changes in the room and has a defence mechanism.

Also, there’s a big difference between a threat and an attack.

What DarkestKnight said.
Which means, if you have an emotional reaction to being threatened, that reaction might be visible if it’s strong enough.
For a threat, it’s likely to be fear, and for an attack any number of effects can be seen, including holes, dark spots, odd colors and sensations, vortexes etc.

If someone tells you you’re cursed, most of the time it’s bs and you can just tell them to fuck off.
There’s a whole practice of ‘cursing’ that plays on fear and gets the target to attack themselves by convincing them they’re cursed. It’s like a reverse placebo effect.
If they actually cursed, divine the best counter method and apply that.

To create protection, use shields, wards and enchanted talismans to put up barriers to unwanted incoming energy.


What about rage?

Might interact with others and either make them scared, sentimental, sympathetic, angry and hostile to you etc. Depends on their character.
From my understanding, the Aura does not cause change the physical world, so your Aura is not going to lash out with a sword and kill someone all of a sudden. If that is more what you are asking?

I think most of all in the context of rage. I experienced here today how my fear transformed into a fury and it was look my while energy system was going in as I felt strong vibrations.

What about rage? There are different types of rage. There’s impotent rage, where you silently stew in your anger. That tends to constrict your aura and drain your energy because it is borne out of fear.

There is passive rage, where you lash out at everyone and everything, which is also borne out of fear and thus constricts your aura.

Then you have the active rage that actually focuses you, and drives you forwards towards taking action. This kind of focused emotion will power up your aura, making it forceful and dominant.

Today when I feel threaten I became afraid but some seek after my fear transformed into a fury where I began to be aggressive in the sense of visualizing my energy as balls cast out from myself towards my threatener.

I guess I’ll be the opposing opinion and say that yes, particularly in spiritually powerful individuals it does have a defense mechanic on its own (though typically it isnt very strong unless worked on specifically). The aura isnt some inanimate object like a lightbulb is, it’s one of/ is a part of your many bodies. If you contract a virus, your body will raise its temperature (fever) in order to help kill the virus. If someone tries to punch you, you’ll instinctively, often times without even thinking, move out of the way. For those trained in martial arts, defensive grabs or blocks may also be an instinctual maneuver. In terms of threats, your body also has mechanisms. If someone lands a blow on your stomach, your muscles will automatically contract and take the weight of the blow so your vital organs dont get ruptured. Even outside of actual attacks and just with threats the physical body does also respond, like if someone looks at you with a menacing glare and has a dangerous posture indicating a desire to instigate violence, you’ll enter into fight or flight mode subconsciously at the very least, and attempt to figure out what to do about it.

Now, will your aura automatically protect you from curses or any sort of psychic attack? Probably not nearly to the degree youd need it to, since humans haven’t evolved to the point of actually needing psychic protection or even psychic ability at all for daily life. That being said, there are absolutely things you can do to make your aura more capable of self defense on an automatic level. I experimented with this quite in depth for a while, where I only worked with my aura and nothing else for a few weeks to see what I could do with it. I called it “aura coding” at the time.

The easiest way (especially for new mages) to go about developing an “automatic auric defense system” if you will, would without a doubt be the use of animal totems. And, there are a few reasons for that.

Animals dont have a lot of consciousness. It’s not necessarily that they are primarily subconscious, but they are definitely primarily unconscious when compared to human beings. That means they are driven by instinct. This pairs very well with the subconscious and things like emotion, and guess what that’s part of the auric-astral domain.

Everyone has animal totems as soon as they look for them. Now, if for some reason you don’t particularly enjoy the defense mechanisms of whatever animal totem you happen to be at the moment, you can actually just straight up pick one that you want to embody. Youll end up having to shapeshift your personality a bit in order to truly embody a different totem, but it’s kinda like Hogwarts houses. If you want to choose something other than what you’re given, you can. So, put simply, you just have to invoke your animal totem into your aura and ground it there. Observe it’s behavior and figure out why it has particular defensive or offensive mechanisms, and what strengths and weaknesses come with it. Really understand the animal or insect in question. And also, you can even use plant totems if you feel like it.

Over time it will naturally start to link with your subconscious mind and disembodied spiritual sight and you’ll end up with a subtle body capable of instinctively reactive to situations you may not normally perceive in your physical vessel. I could go on and on about how cool aura coding is and all its perks but I’ll leave it as that for now. You’ll figure it out as you go if you’ve got any head on your shoulders; it’s not terribly difficult.