Respectfully working with demons

So I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading, and I’ve come to wonder what would be “good ways” to work with demons. I mean to say that you get what you seek without pissing anyone off and ending up with a royally screwed life ahead of you.

Some sources say it’s best to command the demon, but then there’s Belial and Lilith as two examples that stand out of demonic spirits you better have a damn good reason for calling and don’t seem to take kindly to being commanded of anything.

On the other hand, asking and praising and even leaving offerings or paying them back for what they do for you I’ve seen people say you’re giving up your power to them, giving them the choice to help you or not or even putting yourself in a position of demonolatry. Furthermore, it seems the people who ask for things get what they want at a price they didn’t agree on while straight up commanding they do as you wish gets better results.

I should also say some people see more success with complex rituals and others are better off keeping things a bit less formal. I’m personally not big on hyper strict ritual and ceremony, but I do have a few rites I’ve invented for my own use. I wonder if these will be more or less respectful given the above thoughts of commanding vs asking.

I respect these spirits and the power they have, and want to build a good working relationship with them to accomplish my goals, and to have friends in high (low?) places that I can trust.

Partly why I ask this is because I informally, yet respectfully, asked King Paimon to meet with me in my dreams. I wear a necklace with his sigil to strengthen any connection with him. Shortly after all this, I began working at a nursing home and rehab center where my job is essentially (for as long as the virus is about) to monitor halls and command residents return to their rooms. I should mention one of the main things I wanted from him is for people to actually listen to me when I speak and tell them to do something, especially if it’s for their own good. One of my first thoughts when I heard this is what my job would be is that King Paimon is either evaluating my current ability to command others, or presenting me with a rough path towards being more assertive and commanding.