Resonance Hermetics / electricity - Opinions please

Dear Balg,

I’d like to hear some of the Hermetic Practitioners for their opinion on this statement:

" The resonance without electrons is instant,
because it’s motion without body weights (mass=)"

What do you think about this statement?

Reference material:

  • Let’s see how many get it right. xD



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It’s not free. There still must be a source of the energy to be in resonance with. It’s not Hermetics, it’s basic high school physics.

E.g. pluck a guitar string, and the one next to it will start to vibrate also… that is resonance in action, in this case via kinetic energy passed through air molecules. Without the original energy put into the first string, nothing would happen. If the string was plucked in a vacuum there would be no air molecules to transfer the energy via longitudinal waves, and the 2nd string would not vibrate either.
If the air molecules had no mass it would not work either - it’s them hitting the string that makes it move.
(Weight and mass are not the same - weight is mass under gravitational pull.)

It’s basically a way of harnessing energy that was otherwise just being left to dissipate - it was always there, same as capturing sunlight. Then you have to have to build a mechanism to store, transform and and transfer it to where you want it, and that’s the tricky and sometimes expensive part.


Resonance is one of the primal principles in hermetisism,
and i didn’t ask about the physics of it,
i asked for hermetic view on it.

thank you for your contribution.

The whole concept of wether the energy is free or not,
doesn’t matter that much,
to be fair.

Energy is priced by humans,
the nature doesn’t care wether a river is having a wheel turning inside of it or not,
it’s not what i am concerned about here.

  • there is. He usually calls it RF for radio frequency,
    but it’s not exactly correct.

The Frequency range goes over several insible light spectrum segments,
from what i’ve seen.

The Base Energy reference,
is the planet,
as with most things we use. :wink:

To be more precise though.

The resonance is being produced from Earth or Metal being in correspondance with air,
on an elemental scale. But that’s not what i wanted to discuss.

2. The Principle of Correspondence:

As above, so below; as below, so above. As within, so without; as without, so within.

3. The Principle of Vibration:

Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates.

Those are the principles i’m concerned about.

Potentially also:

5. The Principle of Rhythm:

Everything flows, out and in; Everything has its tides; All things rise and fall; The pendulum swing manifests in everything; The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; Rhythm compensates.

But that’s a lesser concern,
if at all.

i’ve already watched through the whole physics analysis of it:

It’s rather quite boring,
as those things are usually,
but yes,
it explains what he does.

@Uncle-Al Maybe you have a better understanding of this. :sunny:




Ok so this is totally derailing the original post sorry @Yberion but What the hell @Mulberry…fricken smarty pants. Are you involved in the sciences by chance? I ask honestly because I am pretty fricken ignorant in relation to both math and science. And this seems fascinating…but I have like a 8th grade education in science and chemistry and biology and a fricken 9th grade education in math…i sucked at both as a kid and still seem to have huge blocks in relation to them now as an adult…and I have a feeling they could prove useful in areas of astrology and metaphysics.


if you have blocks, then remove them. Invoke the currents of mathematics and science.


Dear Lucy88,
yes, i am somewhat involved with that stuff,
but that’s not the point.

I simply adressed the classic “but books say” there,
because i had to.

i’m not interested in the calculations of it.

What i want to know,
and i thought i made that clear at the beginning,
is opinions on the Resonance.

Because it IS a different angle of view,
and exactly what i currently need to understand better.

maybe my “let’s see how many get it right” was a little bit offensive,
but hey,
i wanted to see people actually looking at it and starting to consider what might be applying there.

Thank you for the call to not derail the topic.

Glad for new responses,
especially if they go beyond reading the title. :smiley:




:thinking: I honestly didn’t know we could do that.


yeah, well it is.

that’s how we got the

Well, that was evoked,
not invoked tho.

Thank you for your Great Work. :smiley:



I would suggest looking into a man by the name of Mehran T. Keshe. His work has been changing the way people think about the concept of energy from “nothing”. From what I have been studying of his work and that of his peers, he has developed a further understanding of science that feels awful close to bridging science and sorcery, and I dare say it feels like the hermetic laws may possibly be added to.

The Principle of unconditional giving and receiving. Energy is in a constant state of being sent and received by our bodies and the things that make up the world around us.

I highly recommend his books and the Keshe Foundations website. I find it presents a solid foundation for the more scientifically inclined magus, like those who study Radionics and more hands on approach.


Thank you.

this looks like he’s actually working into the direction i am focusing on.

I’ll investigate further.

Much apriciated,

By the way,
Zero Point Energy is used everyday,
by almost the complete world.

They just call it batteries.

the point for me is not to proof if it’s working.

I already know that.

I’m currently working myself through the “how” and “why” of it,
which indeed,
i can not get from books,
because they are written by people which didn’t understand what i’m researching on.




I love how you pulled the exact video that kicked my ass down that particular rabbit hole. There is a twelve part series that really breaks it down and opens the subject for laymen to understand what is being introduced. The whole time I have been listening and reading I keep getting the gut feeling that this is a good way to understand how we impact the world around us through our spells and rituals.

Suggestion would be to look into his MaGrav units and something called the Casimir Phenomenon. I think should have a blueprint or two you can put together as this information is open source
(Wrong site, will replace with link when I find it)


Just started on that.
It’s in german tho,
so i won’t post it here.

The Casimir effect i’m familiar with.
Well, to a degree.

these things are a pain in the ass to work through.

Mainly because the classic issue E.A. once mentioned:

94-98% bullshit.
2-6% Pure solid gold.

But it takes diggin apart the 90+%,
to find the gold.



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I think Keshe has come close to the how and why in his teachings. I won’t go so far as to make any claims of my own until I’ve produced results, but the testimonials speak for themselves.

This all resonates strongly with me, as at my base I’ve been observing the Hermetic Laws and since that inception life has smoothed out dramatically for me.


So if you don’t mind going into it a bit deeper:

The fine frequency resonating within the metal (copper),
being charged (ionised=?), from the magnetic field friction on it,
how thin do you think is the field generating flux there?

Just for comparising,
for those who’re wondering what we talk about here:

I basically mean the Waves going sideways away from the boat,
as it’s moving forward through the ocean.

The boat represents the mocement of the electricity,
as it follows it’s natrual path from plus to minus pole,
the ocean is the general field around everything (space, or air),
while the waves are the magnetic field.

Just so you can comprehend a little bit better.

My question to Mercury,
was basically how tall those waves oscilate - wait,
let’s find an easier word: how tall those waves curl up and down - yeah that’s better,
which means how much friction they produce on the field (space or air),
around it.

And no,
i don’t want a mathematical formula,
on how to calculate that based on books,
which don’t really understand the dynamics.

i talk about the Energetic shifts,
that are both present in evokation and magick,
aswell as in running a Power Transformator.




The term I’ve encountered that would best describe this would be Field Strength. The thickness of the nano layering would determine the gaps between nano particulate which would influence the Field Strength that is able to become encapsulated between the particles as energy flows through the material.

Again this is my speculation, unfortunately I have not yet set up my own experiments to study this hypothesis further.


@Manosman - I’ll have some books written about the technology,
your children can read by then.

Just ask your grandpa,
how likely it was in his age,
for you to have a mobile phone in your pocket,
as you have today.


And how many Teachers in University tought the physics of digital Data streams via antenna. ^^




So true! This is a really interesting topic and something I was thinking about recently, I’ll definetely follow this and gain some insight on this!

I’ll tell them that a great magus once wrote them! :grin:


I’m analytically minded :slight_smile: This is high school physics but y first degree was in physics.

You asked for opinions. You posted a video stating some very bad physics and a poor understanding of how the world and magik works. If you video wasn’t included in the opinion poll you could have said so. It was that I was responding to.

It’s not a matter of taking the word ‘resonance’ and going, oh but it’s ok if I use the word incorrectly because I don’t understand it, cos “hermetics”. If he doesn’t get the basics of what the word even means how can he apply it successfully to occult aspects of the same reality?

This is why I explained it here. Not just for you, but for everyone reading this thread so they can understand what resonance is, by definition, (it’s not just a fancy word that sounds good, it means something very specific) and then they can watch the video with that knowledge in mind and make up thier own minds.

I would also suggest that the base energy reference is actually the sunlight hitting the surface of the planet.
If it was just the planet, I can’t help but ask if we’d do much better underground than we do. But, no sunlight no life. In studies, living underground sickens people mentally and changes thier circadian rhythm to 26 hours not 24. This doesn’t indicate that the planets energy is more important than the sun’s.


Thank you for breaking this all down @Maulbeere . I’m definitely not very scientifically or mathmatically analytical yet. So I really appreciate learning all this.

I flunked basic high school science, didnt get a chance to do chemistry or physics. So I’m a late bloomer in this area.

I really appreciate the topic being posted @Yberion. Im interested in science and physics quite a bit. Just have no understanding of the language still. Lol

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Well, to be fair, for your learning expierience Mercury would be the best guide and teaching source.

The Science i’m currently working with isn’t printed in the books you find on schools and libraries anyway.

But, at the moment i got a lot to learn myself aswell.

The Topic of Abyssal Magick has just recently opened new areas to me,
and i can hardly say i grasp any of it to a satisfying degree yet.

Thank you @Maulbeere for your contributions.

Highly Apriciated.



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