Residual energy after ritual

Will there always be residual energy left behind after a spirit departs and after closing and ending ritual? If so, will it eventually dissipate or must it be banished even if no parasites and other entities slipped through?

And are there other methods of banishing other than LBRP? Something more simple?

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There will be residual energy left behind every mundane action and spiritual action. Also most of it will become part of the ambient energy in your area, the rest either you cleanse your area or leave it there.


I see. So residual energy by a spirit is one thing since a particular spirit never really leaves once summoned (at least according to EA). The rest can be the typical cleansing.

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They do leave lol, entities have other obligations. But a simple cleansing can be through direct energy manipulation if you know how to do energy manipulation.


Lol you’re right, sorry. The spirit departs and I burn the sigil to close that particular gateway.

This doesn’t mean the spirit never leaves your temple. What it means is that once contact is made, you are forever entangled in a quantum sense.


Quantum, meaning my aura and energy…Im guessing. Either way it’s a permanent attachment of some sort. I see :thinking:

Not attachment, just connection.

Once you connect, the spirit becomes aware of you, making each subsequent evocation easier.

And yes, spirits do imprint on your energy. You become more like that which you surround yourself with. If you spend a year or two evoking nothing but demons, your energy becomes more demonic, and you might find it weird to call upon another type of being.

EA discusses this in Evoking Eternity. He mentions, after an intense time working with the demonic, when he had need to call an angel, the whole operation felt unnatural because he had, essentially, become more demonic.


Wow, learned something new from this. I actually noticed that about EA over the course of his videos. He’s full of darkness, more authoritative, yet not evil as an individual. I think that’s what you mean by demonic but you can correct me.

I’ll be learning alot from his books when they arrive but if you have other great modern recommendations since his growth in the LHP you can share anytime :+1: