Research help

Does anyone know where i can find info on anael and belial. If anyone has come across forums or such that has any info on them please post a link. Ive been on a mad search about both of them. much obliged!

I have in pdf format the bookof the scorpion God of Mark Alan Smith that talks about Belial and has various rituals and such.Any info on Anael look up here: Keep the search up :smiley:

where did you get the scorpion god book? And thank you!

I had a friend who scanned it for me and also some ppl owe me so I “cash” it on books

how much do u charge for a copy?
it seems that i already own a copy, must go through the rest to see what else i have…let me know though what are some other good books to read. if i don’t have them i will definitely consider purchasing them from you.

Guys, PDF begging, talking about paying people for scanned copies of works they don’t own the copyright on - not cool. Please cut it out and don’t make us have to create and then enact a rule about this stuff.

Lady Eva no one asked for money and I did not ask money for any book that I have or pdf Iam giving them freely to anyone it seems you misunderstood the situation here

I know, I was referring to vprotas’s comment "how much do u charge for a copy? " - it’s cool, just please steer clear of the whole area of swapping scans, PDF begging and so on in threads on the forum, it all gets very murky because that work is the legal property of the copyright owner and the whole area’s a bit of a minefield.

But I know you didn’t offer to sell anything, and there’s no harm done if we can stay off that kind of topic on the forum in future please. At least one other magickal forum seems to overtly encourage PDF trading and links to download sites, so I understand that people aren’t always aware of what the score is here.

Getting back on topic, vprotas, try using the Search function because a LOT of people here have worked with Belial in various ways, so there’s a lot of good info there and (unlike with most books) the chance to ask the person who posted it, if they’re still active, if you have any questions.

You can click a person’s membername in red on any of their posts to find out when they last logged in, which might be helpful if you want to ask a question about something in a thread that’s quite old.

Understood Lady Eva I know oyou are right :smiley: anyway thanks for the clearing and the info :3

Actually I believe I should be the one apologizing to Lady Eva. It seems I am the one who misunderstood. I thank you for setting us straight, it was a newbie move.

No problem, let’s get on with the work! :wink:

Give the search function a try in between other research, not because everything amazing has already been said but because it’ll find you threads of people talking about Belial firsthand and not in a sanitised way like (maybe) some books, lots of exploration and real discussion from practicing magicians who are still working on this stuff.