Requirements for Astral Projection?

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I always see these ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ on how to astral project but no one actually talks about what it is that is required to succeed in this.
What’s the reason why some people successfully astral project and some don’t?

I consciously astral projected successfully on my first try many years ago but then it suddenly stopped and I can’t seem to do it at will anymore. I have no idea why.

Can someone please help me with this?
There has to be something I just haven’t understood yet.

Thank you in advance, everyone.

Have a nice day and stay safe during these taxing times


Aside from decently worked out clairs there’s no requirements. People just overthink it or have some high expectations of what they hope to experience/see when going there.


In one of E.A.'s Legacy articles on astral projection he mentions a possible “really wanting to astral project” i.e. not being relaxed enough, as one of the obstacles; this might not be the case, anyway I’ve read that chakra’s state of development is important too.
Other points are to enter a trance, leave the body while exhaling and that, at first, it may seem imagination then gradually become a realistic experience.


I don’t think it’s something you’ve failed to understand…
IMO If you’ve been astro projecting for many years then you probably started of with a basic technique And have tweaked it over time to achieve your own goals, however everyone is individual in their practices and what works for one may work differently for another.

I agree with @Velenos lower Your expectations to start with, appreciate all the experiences you have and most importantly practise and have patience.

As to the reason why…ask yourself why can some hear and see beings when others can’t…:thinking:
It can take years of practice, years of understanding and learning to acquire any skill, if it naturally occurs then imo it’s a gift but even with gifts you still have to learn how to control them.

Astro projecting can be incredible but also precarious at times and there are so many environmental and emotional things can impact your ability to do it.

Ask yourself what it is you truly seek from astro projecting?..


This was incredibly helpful. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I started doing astral projection techniques aged 10-11 (early starter by some standards) and only succeeded in astral projection when I was 16-17. I’m 21 now. It does take years of practice and patience.

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For me to have an experience I can appreciate, I have to fall asleep while being awake. Do whatever you need to relax and trick it into paralysis. Sometime a little sleep deprivation can be enough to easily fall into this state.