Requirements for a ritual

I want to have EA’s courses, but I have some concerns related to the topic of material requirements for getting success with the ritual.
I really can’t get materials like pint of blood mentioned in the soul travel course (I read that in a post in this forum)
Or etc. materials like this.
Also, I live with my step parents and if they ever find out about these stuffs, I’ll be kicked out of their house.
So, is there anything I can do for this situation?


The material is not important it is the intent behind it and the state of mind these things bring you to. For example the ritual dagger is usually described as needing to be double edged and a particular length yet few use one that meets this description. I’ve even seen a butter knife used.

Some may not even use a knife and point with their fingers.

Getting in the right state of mind is what makes magick work. The physical objects used to get there are unimportant.

Know that if your intent is strong and you believe yourself a God success will come.


Ahh, thanks for clarifying that.
Also, is their any substitute that I can replace pint of blood with?

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Anything that makes you think blood would be appropriate. Food coloring in water can appear as blood. Easier to procure as well. As long as you believe it to be sufficient to be successful it will work.

I think this is a typo. You do not need any blood in the soul travel course. I think you might be thinking of the divination course, where EA takes you through scrying into blood.

I disagree with @Weare that you can substitute water with food colouring for the blood. The whole purpose of using actual Blood is because it is one of the three gateways into the spirit world, the others being Water and Fire. The course takes you through scrying through each of them so you would not learn the difference between them if you substituted.


Yeah, I can confirm that ^ , the only prop in the Omnipresence course is an indigo candle (and I used a black one anyway).

Pigs blood is an ingredient in some ethic recipes, so you can get it from some grocery stores: When I was in San Francisco the local Mexican food store sold pigs blood very cheaply by the pint, or you could ask your local butcher if you have one, or get it online (though I’m still looking for an online source of pastured pigs blood).

Personally I might just leave the blood scrying for another day and make do with water and fire, and maybe add a black mirror for fun. You’ll still learn plenty.


Oops! I might have read that post the wrong way. My bad.
And thanks to both of you @DarkestKnight and @Maulbeere for confirming me about the topic.

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Blood doesn’t have to be human or animal. Plants bleed when cut. Sap or coconut milk could be used in place if you are able to get in the right mindset. All parts/tools of any ritual are things used to exact your Godself’s will.

None of it is necessary if you can successfully sustain the mindset to do the same without them.

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I have the soul travel course, it is excellent. As @DarkestKnight said, you do not need the blood. At no point during your journey will the acquisition of pints of blood be the make or break point to your ascent.

Use of blood is your choice alone. Free will.


Okay, got it!
Thanks man.
Can you pm me @SuaSponte , I got some questions related to the course.

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I see, that’s for the satisfaction of our mind.
I’ll keep that in mind.

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The mythos of the O.N.A. taught me that you can work with rudimentary stuff. Imagine you’re a Magician in the Middle Ages - what you going to work with? Whatever is to hand! In the Middle Ages being accused or caught with anything suspicious had serious consequences, but we know that Magick survived. Please read Iam’s post vide supra.

Before Chaos Magic(k) and the O.N.A. I was bogged down in all this correct day, correct hour, right incense and appropriate materials according to the arcane tables. Vacuum clean my temporary working space, have a wash beforehand and clean my teeth. Get robed, then layout a physical circle with wide electric tape (in the appropriate colour, if available) so I could use a Texta pen to inscribe it, light incense, banishing and then try to harness what I needed before closing the work down and collapsing exhausted.

Still get exhausted but by Magick - not electric tape circles full of barbarous names.



Ritual is to help focus, harness, and direct your intent, emotion, will, and focus. Substitute out any or all ritual tools/paraphernalia and it’s a field calls direct macick. Some say it’s usually reserved for the advanced but I say do your due diligence (research) and dive in. I’ve been there friend, best of luck.


Can you message me about O9A nexions from the East coast USA to the Midwest?