Requesting powers and abilities

This is more for an educational understanding then going to attempt. However I see posts help with homework , get a girlfriend, have sex,etc has anyone requested use of or to manifest an ability of a demon such as mind control, telekinesis,drawing a blank on what else falls under what I’m trying to say. To take on there powers. How receptive are they to granting that request and is it even possible? I do understand everything has a cost As I switch from energy earthly knowledge to demonology I’m just trying to grasp the potential between a demon human bond


There are many articles on this forum about controlling the mind of another which indicate it is possible , however it has consequences if misused

Absolutely the story of the monkeys paw… it wast so much as mind control I just know Asmodeous so it was the first to come to mind. In witch craft you can manifest certain powers and abilities ( I never tried but know people who do) and I m trying to understand the greater picture of a give and take with a demon. As totally personal opinion not to get back lash I don’t judge I wouldn’t come in to a pact or deal with such a powerful creature for a basic human request .in something written about azazel he says how humans are lazy he will take away what blocks u to get you to ur goal of wealth, success Etc by any means necessary. I think of this when it comes to asking for things we have the power to change if we put effort in to it. However what makes the cost worth it . I have a very dear close friend that came from a very abusive background who when he was younger but not a kid took on a pact with a demon he will almost never loose a fight he is the master of inception as well but he does need to feed the “ beast” as well which he does legally through sadomasochism. I’m trying to find out what is hear say and what is tangible that others can back yes this can and does happen

I am so empathetic (and I am claircognizant) sometimes I just “know” what people are thinking. I can’t actually hear their thoughts though. It is just a knowing. It’s so accurate that I have almost never been wrong.

I use to do a lot of low magick domination spells with purple skulls and my own very powerful controlling powder. As long as I have a taglock from their physical body I can usually always put a single thought into someone’s head.

But telekinesis is an ability, like clairaudience or reading auras and you can increase and improve upon it. And certain goetica may be able to help you with this. (I personally have no experience with the 3 below but it’s a start) :wink:

Gain intuition about what’s about to happen. If you feel like change is coming, or if you know change is coming and you aren’t sure what to do, this will help you guess, intuit, or sense what’s coming your way, to help you prepare.

Read thoughts and feelings. Use this power to know the mind and heart of a person you already know quite well. After the ritual, contemplate the person without expectation and you will gain insights into their thoughts and feelings. When you next meet, you
may find that you are able to read the truth behind the words and actions of the person.

For supernatural ability
If you use divination, seek visions, or attempt anything that might be called supernatural, including astral projection, this power can improve your ability to connect with your natural talent. It will only have an effect if you are working to develop such an ability and will have no effect if you just want to be more psychic. If you want to be more psychic, choose a method that is known to work, and then ask the demon to improve your ability to learn. If you already possess a supernatural ability of any kind, you can reach your full potential with it more rapidly by calling for the demon’s aid.

For intuition
While intuition can be seen as a blending of personal wisdom and supernatural abilities, it is listed separately from the above power because it will work even if you aren’t actively developing your intuition. The only effort you need to make is an attempt to trust your feelings, and heed intuition when it occurs.


Thank you for responding I’m an empath as well and very familiar with if I have an energy connection with a friend or loved one knowing from 1600 miles away to contact so and so if I feel he needs me my best friend I can tell you if he has a migraine that day I live in constant chaos because my shielding skills suck and I take in so much around me some times hard to know if it’s my mood or another’s I’m picking up I have known before a dear friend died from drugs to contact and reach out to them sadly didn’t change the outcome but I had the knowledge and reacted out to him . It’s not that I’m looking for mind control just first that came to mind just trying to break down is it realistic to say you can make a pact with a demon take on his or her abilities / powers in return for what ever payment you two have agree upon not just for a target subject I’m a Virgo guys I’m sorry I’m very analytical in something that u have to just have blind faith in so if I sound annoying I apologize

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Yes you definitely can. You can ask for that from a specific demon or you can actually invoke them; which I may not reccommend for you being a beginner. I would say that maybe get familiarized with a demon or two that you think can aid you. Learn about them and their abilities. Get their sigil and learn their enn. Build a relationship and when you become more adept you can summom, evoke and invoke.

And you’re welcome girl. Empaths unite! Lolol.

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Thank you :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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I imagine you’re correct, as everything comes with consequences. I don’t necessarily mean negative ones simply that every action has a reaction of some sort.

That being said it is possible to influence the thoughts and mind of another without controlling it.

I find this to be less invasive to the target and much more successful.

Everyone is more accepting if they think the thought came from within themselves and not from the outside.

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I call it feeling- it’s like an impression of their thoughts. Almost … a picture but not quite since I’m anphantasic.

It quite simply feels like their thoughts and feelings are impressed strongly upon me.


This is what I think should be done with spirits if humans can make their own wishes; For example: I would make a wish about something that I cannot carry out, and at the same time I ask / take part of its energy and development for me, to have some of the ability in my being without the need to make it; and about giving offerings: It is my own to give them, it is already like a thank you or treatment.
Absorbing energies and developing them can change the user’s personality, so carefully everything.

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I ask real generally to the ones i follow to give me help when i need it. And lately ive noticed ive kinda seen or said or even known things that were going to happen.

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