Requesting my own reading

Linked to the previous thread I made about the tall perfect marble man who was in my room sometime ago.

Can someone attempt to contact him and ask bwho he is what he wants why he appeared to be for a split second?

Thanks for any who take the take

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Can you give us a link to your other thread? I don’t think I remember this.

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I’m at work right now. But I will try to look into it when I get home.

And thanks!

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Any and all insight is good


Get a chance to find out anything

I’m got “watcher” but I don’t feel that it’s in a bad sense.
He feels strong and like he’s on a mission.

Maybe from another dimension checking on your progress. Idk if any of that makes sense but it’s what I’m getting.

Yeah he didn’t feel malicious. We wonder if I should try to contact him

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I don’t see why not. I don’t feel anything bad.

I just gota figure out how. Any ideas I’m not adept at evocation

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Maybe light a candle focus on the flame and pull his image into your mind. …you should pull him to you.

Got nothing to lose knock on wood

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Yep you are right about “Got nothing to lose knock on wood”.

But it’s not a good idea to do for a novice evocator ;-). I suggest you get some good experience in evocation, evoke some good easy to work with angels like Olympian spirits, archangels, etc. Open your astral senses - vision and hearing.

Then you Got nothing to lose knock on wood :wink:

@telgega, you’ve been on the forum for a while …I thought you knew how to do evocations.

Ah nevermind I missed part of your post somehow :slight_smile: