Requesting help with magickal preparedness for surgery

I dont want to delve into the specifics here, but Reiki has caused me to undergo a sort of healing crisis. While I am currently still trying to heal naturally, I am anticipating needing mild-ish surgery to fix myself.

I hesitate to say Im terrified of that, but will say im certainly not looking forward to being knocked out and having my flesh cut into by a state actor. I would like to do everything possible to make that small failure/problem percentage into absolute 0.

What is the best course of action for this? Of course I will be asking trusted spirits to be with me and the surgeon to oversee things, but I feel that I need more. Should I layer more healing spells? Should I manipulate the energy until I think I have the most competent surgeon possible?

Not sure what the best path is here, any advice or knowledge shared is greatly appreciated.

From an injury prone mess, I kinda regret not taking the surgery route, however I bounced back eventually through yoga, gym and martial arts, in that order too :thinking: realistically Iā€™d need to know the surgery before the recommendation

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Surgery not required. I am a hope for the best expect the worst type person. Advice still appreciated for future experiences though

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