Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Could anyone help me channel and see if Dra’talon accepted the task? I was not sure if it was him but I heard in my thoughts with my voice, it said, just tell me what you want me to do. Seems like he was in a rush haha. And I think he hated how I stated my request 3 times. And I told him I just followed the evocation shared here by Lady Eva, then I think he understood I was a new mage. So was I delusional or was it him? I’d just believe it was Dra’talon.

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@Lionking I’m getting a “yes”.

I also got a flash that he’s also a healer. I guess that makes sense, if you know how to heal you’ve seen they ways people work and how that can be disrupted in detail. It’s not the first entity we’ve seen that can do both sides of the coin. That reminds me I did put him on a team helping a friend with developing mental strength and he’s been doing great. I feel like there may be something he can help you heal, and maybe this baneful work is part of it.

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All you said makes sense to me now because after the evocation, I felt a sense of relief which I never felt. Like there was this huge baggage lifted off my chest. And everytime a thought of the enemy pops up, I get this thought that it is being taken cared of.

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Thank you for checking it for me. I’d like to extend my thanks to Dra’talon, too.

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You’re welcome, it was my pleasure, and his. I feel close to him and felt called to ask. :smiley:

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Hi! I made a request to Lord Lucifer about 3 things that should happen in a specific time frame and the deadline is near and I’m not sure whetever he heard me. Can someone check if he is aware of my request and what is his answer about it ?

Hi guys,

I have a request for me - health wise. I got my gall bladder removed (micro surgery) and post that I have followed a diet for the timeframe I was advised to.

Off late I’m getting acne flare ups and it’s always due to stomach flu. I took antibiotics but it comes and goes. The irregular bowel and digestion issue isn’t going away even after antibiotics . I’m worried coz my gall bladder stone was detected at an acute stage and I ended up in the ER preparing for surgery it was scary to say the very least. I’m not that strong a psychic so idk what’s happening.
I’ll be getting some tests done and doing everything I can to ensure medically I didn’t leave out any part.

I have received HEAPS of help here from adept miracle members, hoping some help too now. I have a mom, brother and pets to take care of so I don’t wish to get another acute situation calling for ER and emergency surgery.
Do help anybody who is willing :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

hey there folks! so i’ll be moving out to my new apartment throughout the first few days of august, and it’s honestly making me a little anxious even though i’ll have some mundane assistance from family and friends.

if you have any spirits who can help with making the proccess go smoothly (and maybe some spirits who can possibly help my dad and i out on a couch+bed hunt), let me know!