Request me for YT videos (subliminals and meditations)

I have started a youtube channel as I’ve said in a previous post I made and I wanted this topic to be used to request new videos and for me to inform of new videos coming up so that everyone that haven’t seen my channel before may take part of it and hopefully find it useful in your own workings.

I am planning to do mostly guided meditations and subliminal videos but if you have another request I may see if I can do it too.

I am right now planning to do subliminal meditations for:

  • Naamah
  • Zagan
  • Dantalion
  • Lucifer

and my first guided meditation will be a simple chakra meditation.

here you will find my channel:



King Belial video is now up that you requested :slight_smile:

Gremory could be interesting Angela I would like a video dedicated to her :grin:


do you have in mind doing meditations for gods too? because if you have it on mind on about ishtar and/or ereshkigal would be pretty nice

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This is a lot like what Satania and Satan & Sons does in their videos.

A video meditation for helping to create and power servitors would be great.

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Have been very busy lately so haven’t had time for new videos but now I’m having more free time and I will be making more videos :slight_smile:

Gremory video will be up today! :slight_smile:

Naamah Invocation meditation video will also be up today