Request from sitri

I want to summon sitri for help with women . I have a list of 20 women I want to do sexual acts with (oral, anal, vaginal, etc) . Should I ask Sitri to help me get these 20 women or give an incredibly strong seductive aura around me and renew the strength of it every 3 months ?

I’ve got a question. . .
How old are you? :expressionless:



Spirits work through the mind, of both you and others around you to influence external interactions. They don’t simply “get” you a list of women you want, or “get” you a place in royalty. (as you asked in PM)


mmmk . So which options should I ask for ?

If this will answer your question, when I asked him to help me get a specific girl in the past he did make her flirty with me but no advances because if your going to manipulate someone’s will, action needs to be taken.

While the deed was on though, a couple girls ended up approaching me out of nowhere and urged conversation. It’s more like he’ll steer the ones towards you that WOULD be attracted to you, rather than simply mind controlling a poor girl.

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So I should ask him to attract the ones that are attracted to me ?

Until not long ago I had expectations, that recently I reduced. Perhaps it’s necessary to split a desire/job, and work on it “piece by piece”. For example, yes, the part about charming a person or becoming more charming but also, if it doesn’t happen to meet a certain girl, thinking about how to make that more likely etc.
This can be done all by the magician, or by a group of spirits in accordance to the subtasks.


Do you think a good alternative is to ask him to give me a very strong seductive aura ?

I guess that’s a further power of him besides those wrote in the Goetia, so yes, this may be an option.

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From how I know Sitri. He will aid you in your work, if you put time and effort into improving yourself.

How can you do this?

1: NoFap/NoPMO (No sexual stimulation true porn or masturbation)

2: Groom yourself, make yourself fall in love with that person who is starring at you in the mirror.

3: Get some exotic scents. This can be pheromones or some Eau de Toilette, just pick something that doesn’t smell like 1 Million. As you want to be unique from the rest of the male population scent.

4: Be honest, be genuine in your intentions. If you fancy a girl show it, don’t act like a friend when you clearly don’t see her in that light. Girls respect men who shows their honest intention with them.

5: Pick up something you find passionate. This can be dancing, playing in a band, painting etc. Something from where you can speak passionately about when you have a conversation with a girl. As girls pick up on this energy, and they love going with the flow.