Request: Free Yes or No Answer to If Someone Stole From Me?

Hi everyone, I met up with a friend and I think he stole something from me a brand new in box Lenovo M8 tablet. I really want to see if he did steal this item before determining my next move. Can anyone assist me? I would really appreciate it.

Umm I can try to channel a spirit that would have seen if you can lead me to the energy signiture o who would know.

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hey vaynord thanks for this offer can please let me know how I can lead you to the energy signature. What do you need from me?

We both ad some delays but I should be around or a bit, so just focusing on them deeply while writting there name or a pic I you have one.

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Andromalius, look him up. :wink:


Hi @Vaynord thanks again for replying and agreeing to assist me. Thanks @Lady_Eva for your suggestion going to save it.

So he called me yesterday to say that he went into his car to clean it and saw the tablet under his seat and that he had no idea how it got there. He wanted to come today and give it to me I told him I will let him know when to come with it.

Thanks again guys!


Try summoning a spirit and just ask them to find the person who did it (I got sleazy vines from this friend), and you know…