Is it possible to cast a spell on a group of people to completely forget about my hoe reputation and to influence their thoughts that im a cool person?


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Amazing! But how did it make your day?

Yes it’s possible :slight_smile:


Even someone that ive talked to yesterday I could completely erase me off their memory?

Yes. But it won’t happen overnight. It will take time. No one can tell how much time but it probably won’t happen instantly or within a day or two.

Another thing, it may cause change in yourself, your behavior in general, if that was a factor.

Also make sure to include a “harm-none” condition, or magick may cause someone to die or have an accident that causes amnesia in order for them to forget a memory.

If you’re a beginner, please read more about magick before you perform any ritual to avoid any undesired side effects.


Can you suggest who would be the best to work with? I am interested to learn more about the subject as I suspect I have an ex who I suspect tarnishes my reputation so I remain single.
I would appreciate if you provide with more info x

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Archangel Michael, or the white aspect of saint Death, or Lucifer. Because those are the ones I usually work with, but there are a lot more who would do great job for this purpose.

You can meditate on each one, repeat their name with your eyes closed and relaxed body, then work with the one you feel more comfortable with or the one that gives you a sign of their approval to work with you… a flash of vision or a dream, a sound/whisper, an intense feeling, unusual synchronicity related to them etc

I suggest you start by cleansing and protection for yourself from any negative influence, then cast a spell for positive reputation.


I believe that it is an ongoing thing what he does. So just a good reputation spell will have short lived results. I kinda need to make people see him as untrustworthy and not take him seriously as well.
I did the foil your enemy’s plans but that was short lived.
I was thinking maybe Duke Dantalion could help me with the double action.

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Also I may suggest the book Demons Of Deception.

There you may find rituals to hide the past, to appear more trustworthy and you may bring silence to the ones who may work against you.

Sure you may ask good reputation from Lucifer or Raphael as @princex wrote.


After finishing working for yourself - cleansing, protection and positive reputation - you can cast a spell for whatever you wish to do for him. For that I would suggest the dark/black aspect of saint death.

If you combine the spell with positive action from your part, the spells would have long term effect, in my opinion. But you can use evocation instead of a spell if you think that would be more effective.

You can choose any spirit to work with. Duke Dantalion sounds like a good choice. I’m recommending the ones I worked with before. I also suggest the book “Demons of Deception” as @ZAMRAN suggested to you. It’s perfect for your need.

Please keep in mind that you said you “suspect” that your ex did something. That means you don’t know if he did or not. Attacking him just because you “suspect” he did it, wouldn’t be a good idea. Try divination first to make sure your actions are based on any kind of information, not only a guess or suspecting something that may or may not be true.


I’ve got the book. And thank you. I will do that.

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Sweety, magic is not the answer for you. If I’m correct, you are probably in high school, a beginner and most likely dont understand the depth of magic.

I’ve been where you are before and didn’t use magic to help out. I simply had to learn how to deal with it and as you get older, things like that dont even matter anymore.

It’ll kill you inside at first, but you’ll grow from it baby girl.

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