Reputable Hougan in Nj or ny

The only experience I had with voodoo was a bad one. I got a reading from someone involved in Voodoo. The guy gave me a readibg with a deck of cards. He didnt realize that i saw him but he had cards hiddne in his lap that he put on the table. And said oh these cards mean that your guardian has left you. To get him to come back you need me to do a ceremony for you. I said ok how much? Because at this point After seeing him take cards hidden in his lap. I knew it was bull shit. He saif $777.00 I said thank you for your time and have a nice day. Then i walked out. This was a few years ago. Im a white guy in Nj that wants to learn about the system. But im not beat yo het ripped off. Does anyone know a reputable Hougan or Mambo that is willing to coubsel a white person that wont try to take me to the cleaners?

Mama Lola has good reputation