Does else anyone agree that the true original form of demonic entities are bi pedal reptiles?

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Put down the Davd Icke.

I don’t believe that but that’s mainly because I ascribe to the Judeo-Christian theology in which demons were originally created in the image of God.

But they can look however they choose, so some do appear reptilian…which is cool for them I guess lol but I wouldn’t wanna meet one in a dark room.

Unless you’re planning to buy them a pair of corduroy pants as a surprise gift or something, why would it matter?

We’ve had some posts here before about the “true form” of demons, and they’ve usually come from people who want to tell us that working with these spirits is dangerous, and I will just say that doesn’t really go down very well here, because collectively we have the experience - and the results - to show otherwise.

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