Reprobate Advice

Reprobate Advice

If as a Magician you’re into using drugs for Magickal purposes – and why not I say – and if you live in the ‘northern’ hemisphere it might be a good time to purchase Nicotiana rustica seeds on-line, as the quicker you get these sprouting and in the sunshine after the last frost the better your yield. Use slightly alkaline soil/potting mix. I use broken egg shells. Place seeds on top of wet soil/potting mix and keep moist until germination. Anyway, you do the research.

Alternatively there are sellers of N.rustica smokable leaf and nasal snuff. There are also rope/twist oral Virginia leaf tobaccos, which when thinly sliced, wet with saliva and packed under your top lip for between five and ten minutes will induce the rushing calmness. The thing is that nicotine is psychoactive and the highest dose tobacco is N.rustica . When you experiment and learn how to harness it, nicotine can provide short altered states where focused concentration is calm, strong and pointed. You can do lots of stuff with that drug induced Magickal ability – both active and passive. If you don’t want to become addicted, only use Magickally. ‘Scorpion Dokha Hot’ is expensive, value for money and definitely worth it - the choice of Shamans!

There are other reasons why I strongly suggest that you go out of your way to grow your own. One is that you will become more attuned to the weather. Practical stuff like that will come in handy for other reasons, but I don’t wish to pre-empt.

There are many fine webpages about N.rustica as there are about curing, storing and preparing tobacco. You can dry it green if you like, because even if you ferment and flavour it, it’s so strong and you use so little that taste doesn’t matter. I recommend spraying with weak, dissolved washing soda (to heighten alkalinity) and sugar water. Allow to dry. It’s all about The Hit!