Report: Lake of Fire


I recently completed the Lake of Fire ritual and I’d like to share my experience (and ask for any thoughts. Especially from those who have performed this ritual).

Fundamentally, this is an alchemical ritual, so I chose the night of the recent full moon (Sunday 27th January, 2013) which also happens to be the day of the Sun (i.e, gold). Technically I performed the ritual at 0133 Monday morning but it’s still Sunday in astrological time. The hour was of Saturn which fits well with Azazel as he is the Intelligence thereof. Also, Saturn in Sol = lead in gold, adding to the alchemical significance.

Although I do not usually use a physical circle (preferring instead an astral circle/triangle), I opted to go all-out for this one as an evocation from all quarters would have required a great deal of concentration just to maintain the circle/triangle alone. The circle was 6-foot diameter (as space was limited) and the triangles were about 2-foot along each edge. I bought a bunch of cheap tea light candles and placed one at each point of the triangles and around the inner perimeter of the circle. I don’t recall how many I used, but they were spaced about 6-inches apart. I used almost half a box or so of an 80-pack of candles, so I’d say 50 would be more than enough. The circle/triangles were made of salt I poured out. I used over a pound of salt all up.

For incense, I used my favourite type of Japanese-style stick incense by a company called Five Elements. I wasn’t counting on physical manifestation anyhow, so it was more of an offering, and to trigger altered states. Other ritual tools included an ebony wand, two glasses of water (for exorcism before and after), the first Enochian key, the Latin exorcism of the water EA used in the BoA itself, the binding and charge used by EA for this ritual (and, although I would normally write these things myself, I found what EA has written to be extremely concise and respectful enough for my taste, so I went with it). Also the four daemonic and four angelic sigils.

I have Azazel’s sigil and Belial’s, of course, but I couldn’t find one for Abaddon, and I didn’t like the one for Amaymon. Thus, I went to the Rosy Cross Sigil Creator (google for it) and used the template there to make the sigils as I saw fit. They felt a little “new” in that nobody else has used or even seen them before, but they still felt right, so it was all good (and they worked fine).

All sigils were drawn with Dragon’s Blood ink infused with a few drops of my own blood (extracted intravenously in a sterile manner using a new 1mL insulin syringe. I have training in venepuncture and access to appropriate tools, so I wouldn’t recommend others do this. It did, however, provide me with a relatively large volume of blood to use for various things. Pricking one’s finger requires a good deal of squeezing I just wasn’t in the mood for).

The day of the ritual, I intended to get up early in order to encourage sleep-deprived hallucination during the performance (as it helps with scrying etc), but I had been very tired that week and I slept in until 1300. After I got up, I had a breakfast of waffles with butter and honey, along with my usual cup of tea. Morning medications included my usual antidepressant and a bunch of vitamins (multi, zinc, B, omega-3, calcium, D). I eliminated alcohol intake for 24 hours prior, but as I like to smoke, I did not limit my tobacco consumption. I skipped lunch and later ate a dinner of potato+broccoli soup, steamed broccoli and a garden salad of tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. Somewhere in there I think I had a banana split, too. Sprinkles, chocolate topping, ice cream and bananas. Fluids were restricted to Coke (and thus caffeine should be noted), although I further restricted myself to water about 2 hours before the event itself.

At midnight, I bathed and recited devotionals to my divine self, my patron deity and anyone else who would listen. I cleaned extra well, shampooed and conditioned, brushed my teeth and my retainer, scrubbed my nails etc, then repeated it all again out of respect for the task at hand. I dressed in a pair of black jeans but wore no shirt, nor any footwear (and as the ritual was in my garage, i really needed another shower when I was done). I finished bathing around 0030, set up a few other things and sat down to meditate before 0100.

Oh, and I made the sigils several days before to allow my subconscious to really absorb them. The circle and triangles were prepared about three hours before, and the ritual tools brought down after my shower.

I lit the candles, sat in the circle and started to meditate. Immediately, I started scrying accidentally (which never happens to me), so I just went along with it. Scrying, I have found, is very much like staying up for a couple of days, then just sitting somewhere comfy and letting your mind go free. You’re too tired to fall asleep (because of the noradrenaline keeping you functioning), but your mind’s so exhausted, it almost starts dreaming before you’ve passed out. Although I’d slept in, I was still pretty tired, and this happened to me while I was meditating.

I extracted some blood from my arm using a scalpel blade which I passed into the first glass of salt water. I used EA’s Latin exorcism and charged the water before using it to dispel all remaining energy, and to consecrate the temple for use in daemonic evocation.

As 0133 approached, I lit the incense, performed a LBRP (without invoking the angelic names), charged the circle on the ground with my wand (as detailed in Evoking Eternity), charged the triangles and opened the angelic seal of the East. All sigils, by the way, began to flash within ten seconds, and they flashed so well that I could refocus my eyes completely, and it looked like I was staring at a completely blank piece of paper. That is, the entire sigil disappeared all at once. It would then “snap” back into reality, but it would be glowing with a white aura. That’s how I knew it was open, aside from the astral storm it produces LOL. Anyway, as the first sigil flashed and I could feel the divine light of elemental Air flowing in, I raised the sigil above my head, pronounced “the light of the divine is not welcome in this place”, or something to that effect, and with great intent, slowly tore the paper sigil in half.

Interestingly, as soon as you hear the paper start to tear, the divine light flashes off like a switch. Just pop and it’s gone, all at once. Well, it kinda gets sucked back into the sigil, but it’s truly amazing how quick it is. Then, you notice how incredibly dark the atmosphere is. I mean, really dark, like the candles were putting out 50% of their original light. It was simply unbelievable. Moving clockwise (in the Southern Hemisphere, Widdershins is clockwise), I repeated the same for the other three angelic sigils. I cast the torn pieces of paper out of the circle.

I recited the first enochian key to set the mood for evocation, then proceeded.

Moving to the East again, I turned Amaymon’s sigil face-up (all sigils are face-down in their respective corners until I decide to charge them). If you want some advice, then seriously, don’t mess with Amaymon. If you evoke him, you’ll understand his immense power, and it’s really quite unsettling. Also, he appeared to me very much like a wraith with a ghostly face and pure white eyes, but a sunken-in mouth, clothed in a black robe. Very ethereal and not human at all. About 8-foot tall.

When opening the daemonic sigils, I employed EA’s call to come, along with the spirit’s daemonic enn. They can be found online but care must be taken to ensure that the right enn is used for the correct direction. Only Amaymon’s enn was correct out of the box as EA’s system in the BoA places the other three daemons at non-traditional directions, so the traditional enns must be modified. It’s not too difficult.

Normal evocation procedure from here on out. The other daemons appeared quite different from their usual descriptions, aside from Azazel who appeared as the satyr (but far more “demonic” in appearance than a regular satyr). Not threatening, just more sinister. Also, Azazel didn’t say or do much, and his presence seemed to be more as an observer, although there was the possibility that he was directing the other daemons. That’s not to say that he’s superior or anything, but it’s a possible explanation. In any case, although he appeared readily and clearly enough, he did and said very little. The other three were very vocal (especially Belial. Anyone who has worked with him knows what I mean. I won’t go into it here).

After they were all evoked, I turned from East clockwise, thanking them individually for coming and welcoming them to my temple. I stated that I called them forth to open the portal to the Lake of Fire so as I may burn the dross of Man and be reborn a god. They replied that I “already walk the path” and that my “soul is already aflame with hellfire”. I still don’t know what they meant by this, but I said that I would like to see the Lake, anyway. They replied with: “then you shall see”.

I sensed a circle of energy about 3-foot above chest-high (i.e, 3-foot above the astral circle I cast during the LBRP) form around me, the colour of mauve or a kind of muddy purple with flecks of sparkling gold light here and there. Think lapis lazuli, but purple rather than blue, and a little darker. At each of the cross-quarters (that is, between each daemon at the NE, SE, SW, NW positions) there was a white-blue shining ball of light about six inches across. I guess these were nodes or amplifiers of some kind. I don’t know what they did, but they connected the purple light from one daemon to the next.

A minute or two later, I felt kind of weak and suddenly fatigued. I figured I had better sit down in case it was a hypoglycaemic episode due to my restricted diet. Once I was sitting, it turned from a weakness to a heaviness and I couldn’t keep myself upright any more. I lay down on the ground (within the circle, still) but the feeling just got more intense. It wasn’t unpleasant or anything, but I was quite happy to not have been standing when it came on hard. This all happened in the space of two or three minutes, but once I was laying down, I realised I couldn’t get back up. It felt like gravity had increased ten-fold, and I was basically pinned to the floor. Seriously, no amount of effort could even get my arm off the deck (and believe me, I was struggling against it). Right after I gave up trying to right myself, the floor started flashing like a sigil and the sense of the Lake of Fire overcame me. It was like walking on a giant TV screen playing a close-up of molten lava. In fact it kind of appeared digital and unreal (I mean, who has a frame of reference for this sort of thing?) but even though the visual impression (on my mind’s eye) seemed ludicrous, the astral sense of what it represented was very real indeed.

Now, I could say at this point that I felt my “soul” or whatever you want to call it “fall” through the Lake of Fire, but that’s not quite how it felt. To be more accurate, I would say that although my physical body was virtually paralysed, my astral self was suspended in a weightless state. While I was lying on the deck just “above” the Lake, my astral self was just “below” the deck within the Lake itself, but completely weightless. I say weightless because although it felt like I was in free-fall, it didn’t feel like my astral self was getting any “further away” from my physical self, so weightlessness is the only way to really describe what it felt like. I hope this makes sense.

The experience of being in the fire (when I changed my point of focus away from my physical and towards my astral) was less one of being burned alive than it was one of being charged with hellfire. As though I had become the sigil and the Lake was a great, daemonic third eye charging my astral body with its intent. Hard to describe, but very cool to behold. Eventually, my astral self felt “full” of hellfire and as though all weakness had been left behind, or transmuted. The hellfire acted as a catalyst, but destroyed outright as much as it transmuted, which was fine by me. At this point, I found I could move again (at least, a little bit), so I struggled to my feet, walked across the Lake for a few minutes just because it was totally awesome, then said “the portal must be closed. Close the portal, for it is done”.

The connection to the Lake faded, and the astral image of it flickered and disappeared. The atmosphere was palpable. I felt as though I were a being made entirely of hellfire (as my astral body had decided to reintegrate itself by this point). When I perform the qabbalistic cross, now, I see that fire descending instead of a beam of light. It’s everywhere and can’t be seen, but it’s also just under the surface and I’m slowly trying to process a whole lot of what happened that night.

After the Lake was closed, I thanked each of the daemons personally for their assistance and gave them license to depart. I immediately exorcised the area with charged salt water and performed another LBRP to centre myself and ground my energy. I cleaned up the other stuff in the morning.

Overall, an amazing experience. Contrary to intuition, it actually becomes easier to evoke the second, third, fourth etc daemon after the first has been successfully called. I guess it’s an altered-state thing, but it doesn’t require a great deal more energy. They seem to come quicker when called subsequent to other daemons.

If I remember anything else about this ritual, I’ll post it as a supplemental, but that’s everything I remember right now. Again, thanks for reading, and any comments would be greatly appreciated (particularly from those who have performed this ritual themselves).

Kind regards, James.


Awesome. So glad to see people posting more reports on this. I am very anxious for my complete works to arrive so I can start with the Book of Azazel.

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Awesome James, you delivered as promised. Since your last post regarding this I was hoping you would chime in soon, thank you very much! Sounds like a killer experience. Could you elaborate a little more on what the demons were doing & saying Belial in particular?? Sound like it was an intense ride.

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James great stuff.

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i just took a sleeping pill so i apologise if i don’t make complete sense (it’s all legal and prescribed to me, but it does make typing an interesting challenge).

yeah i actually meant to post ASAP after the ritual, but believe it or not, this is the first time i’ve had a decent internet connection to my laptop since last sunday. it’s all because i moved house (and interstate, no less) on monday morning right after the ritual (well, about 8 hours after). rode 600 miles or so down south-west to my new college accommodation for the year. took two days riding with rain and crappy weather all the way. i’m still exhausted.

anyway, that’s why the report’s late, but i recorded as much info as i could to provide a thorough recap.

amaymon is said to have a poisonous breath (astral breath) and a ring should be used to protect the magician. i didn’t remember this at the time (not that i would have used a ring anyway), but amaymon’s mouth was a kind if gaping maw. no teeth, and his skin was “black” but not like a dark complexion. it’s more like you got a white guy and inverted the colours in a photograph. it didn’t look natural in any way. the closest i can come is to remind you of the wraith kings from the first lord of the rings movie. minus the sword and crown, and invert the colors so they appear black instead of white, and you’re pretty close. his appearance was quite eerie to be honest.

he didn’t say much, but his power was immense, and i’m glad i’ve never pissed him off (to my knowledge) as he, in particular, is far less human in thought than even the goetic daemons (which isn’t surprising as he is a grand king).

belial appeared about the size of a basketball or a little bigger. maybe 18" cubed. he seems to appear in any number of unpleasant forms, irrespective of how the goetia portrays him. i don’t know about anyone else’s experience, but i have found his presence unsettling for a number of reasons. this time, he appeared as a savage dog’s head of the dimensions given above. colours were white fur(?) and red streaks/smears and highlights. the nose was red, the teeth were white/red, the ears were red, the eyes were red with a white pupil etc. i’m thinking the red was blood. he didn’t say anything himself, but he snarled and growled in a way that kinda approximated a dog, but wasn’t really very canine in any way. the best way to put it would be to say that he was portraying a “daemonic” dog (not cerberus). there was a viciousness about him, but he was not hostile and did not say anything except when all daemons answered me in unison. then, his voice was rough like a dog trying to speak, but much clearer, of course. personally, i have found that belial will show you (in your mind’s eye) some truly horrible fucking scenes. i mean, nightmares are made of this stuff, and you just need to roll with it and get on with the evocation. it’s like a slideshow from being projected into your mind via your third eye, and you can’t turn it off. i don’t know why belial does this, but i am absolutely convinced that he is both obsessed with blood (which is fair enough if there’s a good reason for it), and that he just does not give a fuck. in so far as he can’t even relate to human discomfort any more to even bother to care trying. my only advice is to accept him as he is, make appropriate sacrifices (i use incense and a shot of good absinthe, and now my own blood) and be respectful as he is incredibly powerful. i have attained a great deal due to his influence, and so long as he doesn’t act against my interests in any way, i will tolerate his idiosyncrasies, try to understand them, and control the changes i’ve noticed since being more frequently in his presence. evoke with caution.

abaddon said little, but his presence was more palpable than azazel’s or belial’s. abaddon appeared less than 5-foot tall, wide, roundish and very dark. there was a dark mist that cloaked him entirely, save for his eyes. he is the gatekeeper of the pit and in that role, he is surrounded by darkness, and this is how he chose to portray himself. in general terms, he seemed to be a gentleman of fifty or sixty years, stocky, short and wrapped in a black cloak. blueish eyes (but not very blue at all. more like a hazelnut/grey but it was hard to tell. i got an impression of “blue” but i couldn’t see any blue, so i would prefer to simply say “blue, but not very blue”. it’s not important. his presence was very “solid”. the best way to put it would be to say that belial was fiery, abaddon was watery, azazel was earthy and amaymon was airy. i know this corresponds precisely to their cardinal positions, but in all honesty, that’s how they appeared. whether the direction itself had an influence over their manifestion or not, i don’t know (but i wouldn’t think an elemental association would influence a daemon!). by the same token, i have noticed belial presenting himself in very similar ways during previous evocations. i’ve not evoked the others before so i can’t speak as to continuity.

when they spoke to me, they all spoke as one, although i could not hear azazel. he was definitely participating because i could sense (and basically see) the ring of purple energy around the circle, but i don’t recall having heard anything from him directly. i can only assume that he was speaking with the others and i did not hear him for whatever reason, but considering that he didn’t say anything else at any other time, and that i could very clearly hear the thoughts of the other three, it’s also quite possible that he didn’t actually say anything at all. i don’t know why, but in the BoA, Azazel said that he would be watching the ritual but that he would not be doing a great deal etc. maybe this is just how it goes?

if anyone notices azazel speaking (or not speaking) during this ritual, post about it. i think it’s significant and worth comparing notes on.

the daemons didn’t say anything apart from what i put in my first post, and they all had their idiosyncrasies. amaymon wanted to breath all over me, belial wanted to show me horror movies, abaddon wanted to open the gateway to the pit and release the shades that live there, and azazel (i think) reached out and touched my circle. as i knelt and called him, i saw him extend a hand (or a staff he was holding?) and felt a small etheric surge above my head. it’s like when your neck hairs stand on end or you cast a circle, then put your hand through it and you get that tingling chill. he only did it once and didn’t say anything about it. i don’t think it was hostile. probably more a means of communication (?).

after the license to depart, they faded out fairly slowly. hence, the exorcism after. for the record, belial has appeared to me previously as a tornado, and as a ram’s skull in a scrying mirror. i don’t use mirrors anymore, but when he appeared, it was definitely a visual phenomena. i’ve never seen him as this so-called “beautiful angel”, though.

lemme know if anyone has any more questions.

kind regards, james.

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In your opinion would you say Amaimon is stronger then the other three? If so maybe I’ll be wanting to work with that king in the future.


Howdy James- Thanks for the writeup (especially the detail of how you had been feeling, how early wokeup, and “detail” of food eaten- easy to think isn’t needed, but never know what info could reveal).

Just trying to get an understanding of the very first part of it- two questions?

you mentioned laying out circle and triangle (dims given) as a line of salt poured on the ground, and then you mention setting tea lights… (near 3pts of tri, and many along Inner Edge of the circle)
It seems you mean the tealights were not ontop of the salt line, but were they set just touching the edge, or like totally separate, thus like the lights were a separate circle inside say an inch distant or so?

Detail- just from my viz-image of the layout

Second question- you mention incense (japanese-style stick, of brand __) which seems to be the type, but not the scent? (not specific, but curious was it a piney-green type scent, or a spicy-type, or not sure how generalize incense “flavors”).

I have not done this ritual (to receive my “Complete EA Works” pending) but just a note- your comment about the heaviness, sort of a tiredness becoming a gravity feeling, pulling down so that you end up physically down… along with dissolution and energetic affect.
Reminded me alot of the affect in Taoist Energy practice I experienced once when the downward flow opened- like 10x gravity combined with MajorHeadRush sort of- felt nearly going to pass out… ended up with my whole body trying to force itself touching the floor in-between my feet. (awkward position) crushed there- massive feeling of dissolution and wondering uhoh… etc.
As ended felt an “ear-popping-clearing” type affect, both in hearing and vision and then in thinking… even feeling-energy and feeling-sense of self (ie how when ears-pop from pressure you can hear more clearly all of the sudden… recog’d all doing that, as result of

  • no sense of being on a plasma-screen TV of fire visual though (that is a great description, as you say- “who has a frame of reference for this kind of thing” -and thus the “unreal” sensation. I look fwd to other posts expers of such detail, also if you’d consider posting a followup if you sense any clearly-tied resulting affects from this ritual (although might be hard to clearly distinguish causality). cheers
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Absolutely amazing James. Well done Id say, and now Im jealous ! Youve given me the motivation to work toward perhaps doing this with my wife soon. I read and reread both EA’s account and Dante’s account in the BOA over and over again with awe, and I cant wait to try on my own. Two horns up ! \m/

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defectron: i wouldn’t say any one daemon is stronger than another. if you want a challenge, and… take this with a grain of salt… you should try working with belial. i have always found him to be volatile and difficult to work with (not because of his personality, but because of his nature). working with most daemons is like working with unstable explosives, and the best you can hope for is nothing bad happening, although maximum care must be used.

belial is more like an unstable explosive wrapped in a ball of razor blades and fiery death. it’s only after you’ve got it in your hands do you think maybe you shouldn’t have bothered in the first place. also, how to get out of this situation quickly and quietly. you’ll see what i mean when you speak with him.

amaymon, on the other hand, kinda vibes like he wants to crush your face. if you find azazel congenial, amaymon is somewhat less patient and i sensed he was only cooperating because the other three were about to arrive. he seemed happy enough to help, but was also happy to leave when it was over. don’t make the mistake of assuming you need to find the “strongest” daemon before you can work with them. one of my first evocations was belial, and i still don’t know how it all worked out so well. guess i was just lucky, but in hindsight, i’d start with “friendlier” daemons until i had experience with dealing with them. azazel is a good entity to start with. he’s the typical capricorn, so fairly easy to deal with. easier than angels, for the most part.

taokua: i find that diet plays a big part in my psychic ability (as does time of day, but that’s easy enough to work around). if i eat meat, the protein hampers my digestion and i feel spiritually blocked.

the circle, to me, is kind of flexible in many ways. as i mentioned in my OP, i don’t even use a circle most of the time (a physical one, that is. i use an astral one for every evocation). as to your question, yes, the salt was a 6 foot circle. within the circle, an inch or two within the boundary, i laid out a circle of tea light candles (just for illumination. i’ve actually found that working with artificial lighting is just fine, too. the spirits don’t actually seem to care whether candles or lightbulbs are used. i usually use candles just for atmosphere). the candles around the triangle were on the outside of the triangle, an inch or so from each point. i should say here that i could have put the candles inside the salt, outside, or directly on top. to me, it doesn’t matter, so don’t read too much into it. my sense of symbolism just made me think i should put the candles inside the circle so that the centre of the universe is illuminated, while the void beyond the circle remained unlit. if you don’t like the way i did it, do it another way. they’re just candles.

yeah there are two kinds of stick incense. one has a piece of wood down the centre to which the incense is glued on or something. i don’t like those because the wood makes an awful mess. the japanese style is the “premium” type of stick incense (mine costs about $17.00 for 38 sticks i believe, as opposed to $2.00 for 50 sticks of the cheaper stuff). i didn’t mention the flavour i used because i didn’t want to sound like i was telling you all what incense you should buy, but since it’s being asked, of the Five Elements brand, i only like the Water scent. it’s light, airy, slightly sweet but also quite strong. it’s a really lovely smell, and just having a stick out in my room right now fills the place even when it’s not burning. it’s kind of floral, but without the flowers, if that makes sense. like… cucumber? how it “smells” like water? here’s a link:

i don’t know why i like it so much, but besides copal resin for novelty value, this is all i burn. i burn it when i study, when i meditate, when i’m playing music, when i’m sleeping… and if i’m not burning it, i just leave it out so the room always smells fresh. it’s fucking awesome LOL. of course, you may not like it, but i do, so i’m happy with that.

i don’t know anything about Taoist energy practise, but i can assure you it did not feel like the paralysis that comes on when you try and astral project. that’s more like you’re trying to move but your body isn’t listening. the heaviness i felt was more like an actual pulling sensation, like when you go on that Gravitron ride at amusement parks. i felt physically pinned under a massive weight, although it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. actually it was quite relaxing, because i felt completely safe in my circle, even though my body was not cooperating. no head rush, though. and no clarity afterwards. well, not on the body side. definitely on the astral side, but my astral was in the fire at the time my body was on the floor, so they weren’t exactly in communication:)

as far as a follow up… well, i definitely feel like the weaker parts of me are gone. the world is still a horrible and terrifying place, but i’m no longer afraid of myself, anymore, or afraid of my abilities or success. it’s odd, but people actually fear their own success so much that they sabotage their own efforts to prevent themselves from succeeding at all. i don’t know if there’s a name for this, but it’s certainly been proven in psychology. i no longer have those doubts or concerns, and there’s no room for them anymore.

even though it’s only been a week, the “buts” and “what-ifs” are gone and replaced with “hows” and “why nots”. i guess it feels like my core (soul?) has stepped into second gear and it’s become easier to direct myself in my own universe. it literally feels as though i’m always one step (or one veil) away from commanding the universe with a thought, let alone a whole evocation. i’m starting to see the energy currents that flow in and out of my life to bring and take the things i want, or have no further need for.

in short, i suppose i’m looking at the whole chess board of my existence now, instead of worrying about the fate of a single pawn. it’s a liberating perspective, and it’s a change which has come from the inside out. i’ve experienced this perspective before, but only when external environments have facilitated it (and thus only once or twice in my life, for brief periods). i’m hoping this will be permanent, but i don’t intend to let the momentum slow. i’ll be evoking again tonight as a means of pushing my will (even if only for practise).

argh i’m rambling again.

kind regards, all:)



just a quick note…

to amplify the third eye and sense the astral a little easier, i used EA’s tip from the recent newsletter. instead of putting everything together and thinking “i’ll meditate, THEN i’ll evoke. SOON there will be a daemon in the triangle”, remind yourself when you’re meditating in the circle that there is no “soon”, and there is no “before”. there’s nothing except the “now”, and right now, you’re sitting in a circle with a triangle laid out. that is a symbol in itself, so don’t forget how significant it is. right now, you are the centre of your universe, and that is a powerful thing.

for some reason, focusing on the symbols of “now” forces the third eye to look less deep into time, and more deep into space (it’s a wierd concept, i know). the result is that you’re no longer looking at the next 20 minutes until the demon arrives. instead, you’re looking at the right-now where the energy is at this very moment. why? because 20 minutes doesn’t actually exist, so stop pretending it does. in 20 minutes, right now will exist, and that’s all.

i’ve played with this a bit since i got the newsletter and it’s a great tip for forcing the third eye to focus on the symbols and energy currents of the present. this really helps in seeing entities internally and convincingly (which is the first step in actual scrying).

kind regards, james.

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Well in regards to power I wasn’t looking for the most challenging demon to work with, as I think unless you want to prove something to yourself it’d be better to work with the guy who wouldn’t blow up on you if he could get the job done just as easily. I was just interested because having the most potent guy behind me would be a good perk, but if all of them are more or less equal I might just stick with azazel for the most part when doing work with the four kings.

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Do you have a sigil for abaddon, just curious, I have been looking yet can’t find one?

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defectron: there’s a time and place for working with the great kings (amaimon, paimon, ariton and oriens), but one needs to come upon them in their own time. i would not have evoked amaimon had it not been for the lake of fire ritual. as they are cardinal kings, i believe they offer something unique among spirits. daemons are not messengers whose sole existence is to bring us our desires, so i would be reluctant to call upon them save for purposes of ascent (or unless their specific offices provide opportunities which other spirits cannot). that said, i am planning, at some stage, to evoke the four great kings separately and together in order to further my development.

andreeje: i explained abaddon’s sigil in my original post.

kind regards, james.

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Man this is the best thread I have read in a while. Lots of great info, James you should be given a reward for putting your real life experience onto paper so well. Reading that first post was a real treat!

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aww thanks for the kind words, all:)

i’m glad to be giving something back. as a note, i’ve noticed a sense of quiet within myself, and a new found confidence after this ritual. it’s not peace as such, and not the confidence of raw power. rather, it’s like being anchored and taking strength in being immovable. now, the world and its energies spiral around me, but i don’t feel swept along by them. i’m in the world, as the saying goes, but not of it. from this perspective, it’s much easier to focus and direct my own will. instead of being reactionary (and just trying to stay afloat), i’m now in a position to be proactive and plant new seeds. i would highly recommend this ritual as a first step, but be sure you can evoke successfully first.

kind regards, james.

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James, while I have not performed this ritual nor done any work from the Book of Azazel, I really appreciate you taking the time to be so detailed in your experience. It’s pretty mind-blowing and awe-inspiring to be completely honest.


Many thanks for sharing.

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that’s cool:)

it’s all true, too. i’m not bullshitting anyone (and i invite others to attempt the ritual to verify or discredit the results, as i am curious as to the experiences of others).

kind regards, james.

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James did you not experience pain in the lake like EA and Dante? I just got the boa in the mail yesterday haven’t put it down once best book I have read in forever!

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pain, just a strange and slightly uncomfortable pressure. not really worth mentioning because everything else that was happening was stronger than the discomfort. again, it was kind of like being in freefall, so the pressure was kinda even all over my body. i certainly didn’t burn, but my “soul” or whatever was certainly being… processed. it was kind of like getting into a bath that’s just a little too hot. at first you think it’s pain from the heat, but as you lower yourself completely into the water, it’s just that hot kind of pressure. it doesn’t hurt, but you know the water’s too hot to be comfortable. that’s probably the best description i can give (but heat wasn’t the problem during the working, of course).

kind regards, james.

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Hey James!
Do you remember if you noticed an increase in your heart rate? I know that my question is a bit odd and if you can’t recall any details it’s alright :slight_smile:

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