Hello E.A Koetting,

This is the first time in an extremely long time that if I’ve ever used your Forum. Normally, I just stick to your YouTube and Facebook, but today I’m making an exception here, because I kind of walked into this and realized a few things that I want to share with you, things maybe important to your Black Gate Ritual that you spoke about in USHERING IN THE APOCALYPSE?!

Originally, I left a comment on your video:


1 Magikal Void, 1 Magical Density, 2 Spheres Becoming 1 As 1, The Magickal Sphere Of The Black Gate Dwells There.
9 Magikal Kingdoms, 9 Magical Lands, 18 Spheres Becoming 9 As 1, The Magickal Sphere Of The Black Gate Envelopes These.
9 Magikal Kings, 9 Magical Lords, 18 Spheres Becoming 9 As 1, The Magickal Sphere Of The Black Gate Re-Forges Them.
9 Magickal Entities, 9 Magickal Empires, 1 Magickal Realm, Within 1 Magickal Black Gate Between The Void And The Density.

Yes, perhaps I may know something of what you speak. What you seek, is The Translucence between Void and Density.

From time a time, a “Ghost Sphere” bubble of dislodged space/time information will wander about the cosmos and the planets, and sometimes like a jigsaw puzzle piece that floats aimlessly upon a tabletop filled with empty spaces, upon and within the Swiss-Cheese tapestry of our material reality, finds a spot that is just “close enough” to try to fit into the empty space, a kind of “too hot, too cold, just right” moment of manifestation within and in-likeness to the image of the puzzle pieces around it.

Of course, it does look out of place, even though it roughly matches the close-enough shape of defining parameters, and it is out of place, despite being filled with great similarity, but not true continuity. It struggles into conformity, the chaos of two worlds and the friction between two incompatible spheres, erupts violently like a Haunting and a Volcano. The circle of manifestation usually breaks, as an internalized ghost of a thing can not perfectly bring forth externally of itself a thing into perfect alignment with its invading nature, and the greater pressure of the external world pushes out the internally manifesting invading information. The Foreign Sphere gets pushed out of the reality of The Native Sphere, and continues to float around unnoticed, until it finds a new empty space in reality to attempt another manifestation of itself, one that also looks and feels much like itself, and by that latch itself onto again in its familiarity.

If Planet Earth Was A Jigsaw Puzzle, It Is Completely Full Of Holes. From time to time, puzzle pieces of individual realities from foreign puzzles find their way onto our planet, and attempt to fill themselves into the native tapestry, and so Two Realities Create Chaotic Friction For Conformity And Continuity. Usually, this fails, and damage is done in the ensuing struggle. This is how you sometimes get poltergeist in a very old home, or a re-enactment of a sacred ancient rite or miracle or event without evocation within an environment. Time is no factor, as rather it is the dislocated memory of the past or the future or a distant present that attempts to manifest around you within the environment, and you perceive it because you are an anchor point to it, it is attaching itself to you, just like with everything else around you. To change yourself or to change the environment, like an Exorcism or a Cleansing, is one way to restore the native continuity, as the foreign information is disrupted significantly enough to become detached by this developing incompatibility and friction, but not always.

If 9 Ancient Demonic Magikal Kings did ever exist in time and space, with each having their own 9 Ancient Demonic Kingdoms, and somehow got pushed out of their native reality, and are now free floating, lost in the void, and seeking re-attachment into Density, then surely if you have knowledge of what their sphere is seeking to re-attach itself to, then technically you can summon them onto Earth and into Yourself. However, it would take equally 9 Native Human Magical Lords of 9 Native Human Magical Lands to be the appropriate anchor points for their possession, as 18 Individuals become 9 Blended Entities, and thus in turn cause their Lesser Environmental Spheres each, all Magikal 9 Kingdoms and all Magical 9 Lands to co-blend as well, thus now 18 Worlds become 9 Empires become 1 Blended Realm, All Within The Reality Of The Black Gate.

9 Kings, 9 Kingdoms, 9 Lords, 9 Lands, Become 9 Blended Entities, each with of their own 9 Blended Empires, all within 1 Black Void now blended with 1 Matter/Energy Space/Time, becoming 1 NovaVerse, its own Super-Sphere somehow and miraculously attached onto Planet Earth within the Milky Way Galaxy!

E.A Koetting, this is no small feat my friend, how do you plan on screwing up the entire cosmic order this badly? You’re essentially causing implosions and explosions of a big-bang level recreation?


That was yesterday. Today, while I was in the forum I usually dwell at called Prophecies Online Psychic Predictions Registry, I was answering a question by a user named LittleLight. I just realized that by answering her question which you can see here,3773.0.html that at the same time, may have in a way completely validated the possibility of success if you should attempt The Black Gate Ritual. What I write about is my current working theory model for how anything and everything God related, Magickal, Divination, could in theory work in our Mundane Reality, assuming that it is all just Information that needs to be processed correctly.

For instance, why a Poltergeist may occur in an Old House isn’t because it is an angry spirit, but because dislocated information from a different time and place is competing for structural compatibility with the environment, hence the memory of reality says the chair should be on the left side of the room, and not the right side of the room, but since the struggle is present the chair keeps sliding in-between the two positions. However, my theory model assumes the possibility that both the dislocated reality information and the native reality information can blend together to create a greater reality where both co-exist side by side, such as by creating a second chair so both positions in the room have a chair in them. Problem Solved.

It’s the same idea with summoning The 9 Demonic Kings, which would require 9 Human Magicians to become the Possessed Vessels for them, just as 9 Locations On Earth would be needed to become possessed by the 9 Demonic Kingdoms in a compatible way. Normally two objects can not occupy the same positions in space-time, and so in a failed possession the host is struggling against the invading information of the demon trying to adapt to the host body. Exorcism creates enough incompatibility that the demon as a foreign reality, is expelled, albeit violently. The same for Hauntings in Homes that are cured by Ritual Cleansing, creating an incompatibility that resolves the competing realities.

What you’re doing however with The Black Gate as starting from The Necronomicon and coming into The 9 Demonic Kings, is creating and adding into reality, you are not competing against it, and that’s the huge factor that is actually on your side and to your favor! You are absorbing and utilizing information from both your native reality here on Earth, and simultaneously receiving invasive dislocated information from the reality that belongs to The Black Gate and The Demonic Kings, and you are blending both sources of reality information together. My Theory Model, if you can understand what I’ve written, as it is the first time I’ve ever written it down in full before, should explain the basic procedure of reality manipulation you are participating in at the most basic of levels to achieve success in the ritual should you go fully through with it.


I have a theory model I am still building on, one that I use in my magical and divinatory and paranormal practices, but I think I have the basics enough of it to try to share an explanation of it.

Have you ever played with Lego Bricks as a kid? Little Plastic Toy Building Blocks, you can make just about anything you want with them.
Imagine that one single Lego Brick Piece, is a Spirit.
Now build a Giant Lego Brick out of several Lego Brick Pieces, and what you have is a Soul.
Several Spirits come together to Create A Soul, and This Soul Bears Identical Shape To A Spirit.
Its Size, Its Density, Its (if any) Unique Characteristics, are all however, absolutely irrelevant as it is relative. A Spirit And Soul Are Equal To One Another.
Now take a Soul, and build a Spirit or a Soul with it. Confused? Let’s add another layer of imagination.

I’m sure you’ve read a book, right? You’re reading this online forum discussion, so at the very least you can understand the alphabet, I hope…lol
Going back to the book. Let’s say that, for example, you can build an entire universal reality, with but the words on the pages of a book!
Don’t believe me? Remember, size and density is relative, as it is irrelevant.
Start with a blank piece of paper and a pen. Put any single letter of the alphabet on it.
Now complete it, write a sentence on it. It’s your idea you are putting down here, so just let it happen.
Now fill the entire page, with your plentiful ideas, I’m sure you have many, you clever lad!
Now make a second page of your written ideas, and a third, fourth, and so on, endlessly.
Eventually, you just wrote a book. Now write several books.
Now you have a Library of Books, you just penned an entire Library of your own creations!
Congratulations, now create several Libraries! Eventually, every Library Building you made, becomes a City!
What will you name your City? Go ahead, you deserve to, for all that wonderful work you just put into it. Be proud of yourself.

A City, becomes a Province, becomes a Country, becomes a Continent, becomes a Planet, becomes a Solar System, becomes a Galaxy, becomes a Universe!
How many Universes do you wish to create?

Just like how you started with a single Lego Brick Piece, you also started with a single Alphabetical Letter.
If you put several Lego Brick Pieces together, you get a Giant Lego Brick!
If you put several Alphabetical Letters together, you get a Written Sentence!
Now take your Giant Lego Bricks, and build a Brick Wall.
Now take your Written Sentences, and build a Paragraph.
Brick Walls become A Lego Brick Play Castle. Paragraphs become An Adventure Story.
If a Lego Brick is a Spirit, and a Giant Lego Brick is a Soul, then does that same Giant Lego Brick become a Spirit, and the Brick Wall a Soul?
If an Alphabetical Letter is a Spirit, and a Written Sentence is a Soul, then does that same Written Sentence become a Spirit, and the Paragraph a Soul?
So then what did that ever make of the Lego Brick or the Alphabetical Letter, were they ever a Spirit or a Soul as was started with?
Size and Density is Relative. Whether a Soul is made of Spirits, or a Spirit made of Souls, or a Spirit made of Spirits, or a Soul made of Souls, is just a point of perspective.

So now let’s consider, that All Spirits and All Souls, are made of Information. With this information, everything exists, or can be made to exist, All Information Exists.
All Information Exists Within The Infinite And The Finite. Just as when Science looks to the small, and finds smaller still, or looks to the big, and finds bigger still!
Just how many Books can you write, in Libraries built with Lego Bricks? How small or how large can you write or build your many imaginative and creative works?
Now look to yourself, just how small or large you really are? Is Mankind smaller or larger than their Gods? If all is relative, than are we not relatively equal to each other?
Is God smaller or larger than The Universe? Surely then when I hold a book, I am larger than that book, but the library is greatly larger than I!
So would then be a God to me, when it beholds I, or when do I behold a God, in my heart or in my mind, in its heart or in its mind? Would the Universe behold us both?
If I sat down with a God, and I wrote its story in a book, and with Lego Bricks it fashioned me into a form of likeness, that in a way, we co-create each other?
Is God my playmate, or am I God’s Playmate, as we build a Library and a City together? How about The Universe? How about…The Multiverse?
How about, I jot down a few ideas on some paper, and grab a few boxes of bricks, and make another God to play with? Maybe we can create time together?
Sure that God could just as well be inspired to create another Human, as the Cycles Of Creation Endure. Together maybe they made a few covenants between friends?
Gods build Gods, Humans make Humans, and Universal Big Bangs create infinite places to play and be played. So much endless potential, and so much more.

When I stand in front of a mirror, I see my reflection.
I see my colors, my size, my shape, and the side of me only that is reflected back at me.
I do not see into my body, just as I do not see what is behind that mirror.
Can I not see into Spirit and Soul? Or, perhaps I should say, why do I not have access to some kinds of Information?
I am I, You are You, He is He, She is She, but She is not He, nor I Him, but She seems to like Me, and I like that a lot! Or does She? Why do I even care?
In all of the Universe, at any singular moment, within a single slice of time, I am a Finite Being, much like a Pen, much like She is a Piece of Paper.
I am full of ink, and She is an unwritten canvas of opportunity for creation to begin upon.
In the first slice of time, time stands still, we are whole but apart, complete as ourselves. Our Souls have all our own Spirits within them. Time Slowly Moves Forward.
As I write Myself upon Her, She accepts My Spirits, and I accept Her Soul with all My Soul, as Her Soul gives me Spiritual Inspiration to further My writing upon Her.
We share our Spirits with one another, our Souls merge and become as one, to become a Book of our Life Story. Information, flows freely and lovingly between us!

But alas, this circle of mirrors is all but what I see of myself, it can only show me what I am capable of seeing, nothing more or less, as it reflects only me upon its faces.
To change that face, is to change this face. Do I see the change, or do I feel it, or do I think it to myself? Creation and Existence, Relative, Irrelevant, Perspective.
Am I Creating Or Creator Or Created, Am I Existing Or Having Existed Or Are To Exist? Is Creation And Existence Paradoxical, Finite or Infinite? Why Not All?
All Information Exists Within The Infinite And The Finite, So Must All Creation And All Existence, As Must All That Is Relative, Irrelevant, And Perceivable.
More infinitely exists behind me and behind the mirror unseen, than what does in front of me and around me, and even less exists in of what I do see.
So at what point, does creation and existence become irrelevant to my experience? What is my maximum potential to exist as myself?
Surely if You are You and I am I, I am not You, and You not I, or are You, are I, are You, are I…eventually I must see I, and You must see You.
This is why I can’t see into myself, nor past the mirror. The Integrity Of Information Is Absolute!
Information, Spirits and Souls, in its state or non-state, can not be Corrupted. Rather, it can transform, change shape. Add or Subtract, but never be Deleted or New.
A Small Lego Brick is a Lego Brick, even if it is a Giant Lego Brick. A Letter Of The Alphabet is still A Letter Of The Alphabet, regardless of the size it is written.
I could keep tearing a Lego Brick into smaller pieces, ever finding more to tear apart, just as I could keep reading The Largest Alphabetical Story Ever Written!
So how much of the smallest makes a single piece of the biggest? The Infinity Paradox must thus be an Ever-Recycling Singularity Amongst Many Different Singularities.

This is why, I am so frustrated at our modern concepts of written religion. Is God A Bible, The Bible A God? What About Torah? Quran? I Ching? Tao Te Ching? Tantra?
Letters Of The Alphabet, Stored In Institutions Made Of Lego Bricks. Go Ahead, Make Your Gods, And The Gods Will Make You! Information Making Information, Endlessly.
This is when it dawned on me, the differences between Almighty Gods, The God Ultimate, God Supreme.
If Primordial Almighty Gods made Earth, The Stars, The Cosmos, some Structural Reality-shaping Laws and Concepts, when then they made Humans.
Humans, seeing these Primordials, made their Yahweh, and Odin, and Aphrodite, and so many Almighty Gods in their imagination of their world seen by them.
They can exist, they do exist, we created them, we created all of them! All that information, is alive, is real, is now and present with us, they are us…and we are them.
So if we humans, and these Almighty Gods, exist together on Planet Earth, and we create and recreate each other, then who or what is above us all?
As myself, my maximum potential as self has limits, basic parameters of self, so what is not I? It, The Universal God, The God Ultimate, The One Above All.
Wait a moment, how many God Ultimate Are There? If I can not see behind the Mirror, then surely I can only see the Mirror, and not The Other Ultimate.
Who Sees All The Ultimate? A Supreme One, God Supreme. So then, just how the bloody heck am I writing it on this online forum? Oops…I have vague limits it seems!
I can not compromise the integrity of or build with certain information, just as there are some irrelevant things that I can not behold, if my experience is to have merit.
So while I could become an Almighty God, and Almighty Gods become Human, we can not become A God Ultimate, which is the total sum of us all. I can not be all things.
Just as much, there are Other God Ultimate that we have absolutely nothing in common with, and can not relate to them very well, as they are very different from us.
This is how we barely if at all know some very insignificant things about God Supreme, who logically has to be there at some point. I know of none further than that.


I also wrote:


Let’s say for example, that in an ancient slice of time, 9 Demonic Kings each with their own 9 Demonic Kingdoms, suddenly got ripped out of the temporal flow. If this was a roll of film, then a square of frame just got cut out. The flow of reality would notice a glitch in the perceived flow of time just barely as an irrelevant event now missing, as the next frame of time is as normal, a package of its own information unphased, and life goes on as normal. This snippet of information, wants to be put back into proper place, but can’t find its way back into proper order, so it free floats as a bubble of self-contained information, seeking to re-enter any compatible timeline and environment of film from another movie. To the timeline and environment being invaded, it would look like an extra frame of film is being put into the scene, and the film becomes distorted with a barely perceived addition, but life moves on, usually.

Sometimes, the bubble of invading information, which is structurally sound within itself, seeks to blend with a potentially compatible other bubble of native information, and this causes a struggle of identity. It’s like trying to smash two equally sized Lego Bricks into one spot, you can’t, as the Structural Integrity Of Information Can’t Be Corrupted. To get around this, the two Lego Brick Pieces have to come together as Individual Spirits, and create a Soul that allows both to co-habitat with a Structure of their equal supporting, like several Lego Bricks making a Giant Lego Brick. This is when a Successful Demonic Possession Occurs, with no ill side effects for the Human or The Demon. Technically speaking, even God’s “Holy Spirit” within God’s Chosen People are following the same rulebook on that. For a Demonic King and Magical Human to blend together, is to create them into a Hybrid Entity, neither Demon nor Human. Density of Two Beings In One Body, is irrelevant, and relative, just as with Environments.

It is surprisingly likely that E.A Koetting will succeed in some capacity with his Black Gate Summoning Ritual, because words from a book, inspired him to create the mirror, that he sees the world into his creation by his will, which in turn such summoned Gods will co-create him into being possessed by the Ancient Kings, which further create their Empires on Earth, and thus solidify the transmutation of information from a book into universal reality. Again, humans with their books and their almighty gods, when will they ever learn?


It was at this point that I realized that I needed to share this all with you completely. Accept it or not, I just have a really strong feeling that you should read this.

  • Daniel Nicolas Martin
    Windsor Ontario Canada
    Daniel of Windsor

I personally feel like the Nine Kings desire to incarnate as human beings. They are waiting for the perfect alignment of forces for this adventure to happened. I watched the video and when he said he walked with one of the kings maybe he was seeing a future with them already fully grown up?

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We should work toward the return of the Nine Kings and have the world ready for them.

We can’t bring them into a dirty and worthless realm.

We can’t hump their legs like dogs with what we want.

We have to take their mentorship and regain our Godhoods and make the world ready for them.

This means cleaning the world up from simple garbage to toxins.

This means culling the village idiots and the weak as an act of mercy to them and to give abundance to those who remain.

My will be done.


Who wants to be their divine Daddy?

Who knows… They could be right next to you… Maybe they’re already here, maybe not… Maybe it’s Maybelline

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Maybe I was born with it?


Maybe… :wink:

The work continues. My body is rushed with energy like I have a 50 gallon bucket of glass meth beside the bed.

I told the egregores that I created for this to feed 1/3 of the energy to themselves, 1/3 to certain entities, and 1/3 to Me.

My entities tried a slight rebellion in saying certain people didn’t need to be purged. I killed the person and then the egregore and My intent was made crystal clear.

I prepare a garden for you and them. Cut down the old dead trees. Thin out the saplings. Pull the weeds and remove the rocks.

I appreciate any energy you add to My efforts.

count me in

It doesn’t say anything??

Got it