Rephaim, Nephilim, Anunnaki, and Ancient Gods

This controversial subject seems to be everywhere today. When looking into history of the ancient world it is nearly impossible to dismiss unless purposefully done.
Personally I do not dismiss the biblical accounts of the Rephaim but I have a much higher opinion of the extra biblical texts in the book of Enoch. The watchers, as they are referred to, came to Earth to mate with humanity and insert their DNA into our genome. I do not believe it ended there.

Recently I watched the interview where E.A. Koetting interviewed Kurtis Joseph and they brought up the subject of how they felt that Lucifer was an extraterrestrial entity. This peaked my interest for sure. Since I began my spiritual ascent a few years ago I have always felt that the Gods of old were and probably still are flesh and blood.

Before I receive messages about demons, spirits, esc not being flesh and blood I want to clarify that I am not referring to those entities. I believe the very ancient Gods either came from an extraterrestrial source or even interdenominationally. Not some 6,000 years ago as many creationist believe but more like the stone age or even before. I have been researching the subject for many years now and I have no doubt in its validity. My belief is that beings such as the 9 demonic kings, Lucifer, Azazel, ect are more flesh and blood than anything else.

I like many believe, contrary to popular belief, that structures like that of the pyramids around the globe are stargates that were used in ancient times by these watchers. I personally believe that they used the Earth as a laboratory and accelerated our evolution. These old Gods are working towards our evolution still and through evocation and invocation they are changing our DNA through black alchemy. I do believe they still come here physically at their own will as well.

I could honestly write for hours and still not scratch the surface of this subject but these are a few thoughts I have had recently. I would love to hear from everyone else whether it is opinion or otherwise.


I’m having some difficulty as well.
Trying to decode ancient stories of beings coming down and tampering with our dna.

One trouble I’m having is weather or not to believe the stories or to just find out for myself through evocation and rituals.
The Elohim do not have a good history.

I argue all the time that Elohim or Yahweh and his angels have killed more Jews than Hitler.
Christians don’t like that statement.
Really having a hard time figuring out if the Creator Gods of Humanity really deserve our praise.

Considering the sources of most of the ancient texts; they were all cave dwelling desert pedophiles who ritualistically sacrificed children to stone idols.
Even the followers of Yahweh.
One could argue that Baal worshipers only sacrifices to make a covenant and wasn’t performed as frequently as the Greeks and the followers of Yahweh,
But it’s still murder.

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I am not interested in who has killed more people in the name of God. Many religions across the globe have killed for one thing or another and it does not require an idol or god for people to find a reason to kill.

Is YHWH, Jehova, and or Elohim a real entity? Most likely yes but probably not a singular being as the Jews assume. I believe that the early Hebrew people adopted gods from other cultures and built their mythology around their beliefs. This is all beside the point.

When we bring up the subject of YHWH or Elohim we are talking much later in history than what early man would have seen. Written history only began 5,000 years ago with the Sumerian and Egyptian people around 3,000 BCE which according to many historians means more an 95% of human history is lost. Consider that Homo Sapiens first appeared around 200,000 years ago in Africa and the first Bipedal creatures emerged there around 4.2-3.9 million years ago.

Then put into account a few full scale destruction events that happened on a global level and you have lost a lot of history. All of this to say that I do not worry myself about Jewish, Christian, and Muslim history and mythology. They are very new religions that have pulled from many other sources to create what they have today.

Whether anyone believes it or not I enjoy the Epic of Gilgamesh. I feel it gives good insight into the world of the Giant offspring of the Watchers, chimeras, and Gods of old.
The book of Enoch, Book of Jasher, and Book of Giants are all great sources if you filter out the dogma, mythology, and religion they can be eye opening.


I feel its very simple. If one source claims something you could question is validity but when you have many sources claiming the same thing that is when it catches my interest.

For the most part every culture on earth leave evedence that the gods came from the sky and mated resulting in a change in DNA creating giants. The evedence is carved and painted on cave walls and temples alike.
This is just my two cents.

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It’s hard for most people in magick circles to look past anything so close to the Bible and Christians. Jesus is like the boogieman in sandals.

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What I find interesting are the ancient depictions of the god that are of A Fat Woman with big hips.
The mother goddess.
Archeologists have found ancient fertility statues that date back to 8000 years ago.

Also the snakes.
All these stone carvings and statues of snake gods.
I even sough a one of a fat woman with a snake tail.

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I can get that. I was raised Baptist and it has taken me a while to accept that Christianity did not have all the answers. I began looking into the occult 2 years ago and my mind has changed drastically.
I don’t believe you should dismiss historical documents simply because you disagree with the cultures religion.

Jörmungandr, Quetzalcoatl, Typhon, even Satan,(not Lucifer) could be thrown into the mix of snake gods. of course there is a very long list of snake gods in the ancient world.

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