Repetition - Sigil Magick vs. Evocation

I’ve seen E.A teach both methods. One is just to activate the spirits sigil, and simply imagine the goal. And the key is to repeat this over and over until the goal manifests.

The other is the evocation style. Do you guys ever repeat the same ritual repeatedly as you would if you were doing sigil magick?


Not really. Initially I did, but later, u find u can do it without the sigil.

Do you mean by “Sigil Magick” Invocation? Was it this video on the invocation of Viné?

You’re not wrong in saying sigil magick though, just clarifying. As far as repetition, yes while invoking you do repeat the spirit’s name etc. But for evocation, only repeat the operation if something went wrong or got blocked. However you can also repeat the spirit’s name in that method as well. No harm done, it’s a link to them.

Now there are rituals that many of us do as a routine in our daily practice and those are done repetitiously. But if you did a spell or petition, give it some time before repeating the whole ritual again. It could also be looked at by the spirit as disrespectful.

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Something like nagging and Haa would have liked to have been told …if perhaps i would have listened in the first place.
We make mistakes especially in starting a new method. … if you offend or rude just apologise and don’t repeat the offense ie like continued “oh im so…” countering the faith you put out. Catch yourself in the act and practice saying the opposite to ingrained dogma. By showing attrition and gifts and Consciously correcting your automatic thoughts . Makes a difference showing gratitude for the basics and for things to come.
You will find that your efforts will be appreciated and reciporated
Like for King Paimon i placed an apple when there was not much in the fridge making sure it was not a bruised one. This is also an act of faith /trust