Repeating evocation ritual nightly until I get my results , annoying ? Back fire?

Hey so quick question.

If I evoke someone and repeat my ritual nightly evoking and restating my intent over and over again until it comes to pass do you think this is annoying to a spirt ?

I have an interview coming up for a union apprenticeship and it’s not as hard to get it as it used to be in the good old boy days but the slower locals can still be very difficult to start quickly or make a high enough score to be placed on the list for the next class.

In San Diego you have to get an interview score of Atleast 93% to be placed on the list and even then it can take 2 years to start. It’s cut throat out here because the union isn’t as strong but the pay is still good despite the income tax and housing.

I can settle for a SFH or condo.

So pretty much I’m trying to achieve the almost impossible and make the top 5 on the list.

I may have veterans preference with helmets to hardhats , good construction references and letters of recommendation but all that still might not be enough here. In a busy local like LA or Seattle yeah but here ? Nah.

Those cities suck to live in. I’m not leaving my new founded home. I’m put too much in to just walk away and give up now.

I’m better off moving but …

Sorry for the dear diary part but will this annoy a spirit ? Will putting that much energy and will into the universe cause a backfire ?

What if I asked two spirits to colab ? Would their energy clash?

I really really want to be an ibew electrician but I’m gonna fight hard until the end before I pack my shit to Seattle

Yeah it would be annoying. You need to have faith in your working. Due to astral/spirit/other energies you could be working against as obstacles I recommend repeating the ritual say once a month on a good moon phase. But the entity, maybe instead of evoking them each time just give them a little something to show your dedication.

Nah it’s not annoying. The ritual in 72 Angels of Magick takes 11 days, allowing one to build a relationship with the Angel and letting the magick span far into the future. The main one in Magickal Protection takes 33 days, not a problem. It gives it more power but tbh it isn’t necessary, just know that it will work when you’re done.

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It depends on your situation. Suppose an individual asked you the best way to create a painting. You may reply: 1) find one spot and release creativity at once or 2) add a layer every so often. Working with spirits is like that, it depends on you.
Best of luck.

I was gonna do it 3 times a week and my interview will probably be in March-April.

I feel like on one hand repeating confidently will just help put my will into the universe more but on the other it might back fire because it would borderline lusting for results / obsessive.

You need to know yourself. If deep inside, even subconsciously, you want to redo it because you don’t have faith in your abilities then it could fuck up. Manifestation is about putting it out there and then forgetting, letting the universe follow your will.

You may try to continuously (or almost so) repeat “X, do this/give me that”. I believe from experience that it would work faster, and maybe would be less annoying than repeating a proper ritual.

I call upon spirits regularly and meditate with them and on them to get to know them better. Ask for their guidance in dreams, to share my energy to make our connection stronger and the work more solid. I think it be annoying if you kept reminding them of what they need to do, rather it should be working with them and their energy. I have a pact with a being, in my pact i offered art (something physical that took time and effort) as well as 21 days of consecutive meditation and energy or until the work is done. To call upon them isn’t annoying but demanding results might be