Repairing a life force leak

I’m leaking life force from my root chakra.

How would you go about repairing/sealing the leak?

Which beings can help?

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Mechanically. Literally get into meditation, and use visualisation and guided intention to see the reason for the leak and do whatever occurs to you to heal it.
Exactly what you do will depend on what you find when you get there.

E.g., if it’s a parasitic loss, remove the parasite and heal the wound
If it’s a tear, seal the hole and work it until it’s smooth and healthy feeling
If it’s a projectile stuck in there, remove it and do the same as for a tear
and so on.

Let it sit after that, take care of energy related to that area, cultivate qi to replace lost energy, run energy around your body to balance, and in a day or so check in and repeat if needed.


Any deity could help, the angel Raphael could help, a construct programmed to mend energy body damage could help, you sending energy there to mend it can also help.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

I did it before about a year ago but I couldn’t recall how I did it. I suspect I may have repaired it via Raphael at the time.

I think it was caused by vampires this time.

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How do you/one know, that they are leaking life force? How do you recognize that?
What are the signs of it?

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self scanning yourself, or feeling out your energy system

Please tell me something I CAN do… lol

If I could figure it out that way with certainty, I probably would had already know and not asking?! Right?! :wink:

Basically, you’ll feel more tired and lethargic. For example, I’m normally awake for around 12-14 hours before I start to feel tired and low in energy. With a leak, I start to feel tired after 4-8 hours of being awake. That’s the main symptom for me anyway. Also, feeling confused and foggy are symptoms, but they aren’t definitive of a life force leak.

I knew on this occasion, because I tend to recall my dreams. In a dream, I was bleeding from my root chakra - it appeared as if I was having a period when I shouldn’t have been. It attracted a vampire. Menstrual blood represents life force, and the spirits confirmed this to me.

It’s okay, I have Marbas working on it for me. :slight_smile:


Well, loads of things can cause that as well an energy leaks. Have you ruled out illness, allergies, environmental causes, depression, diet and stress? Low thyroid from stress will knock you for six, for example. These can cause energy leaks, but the leak is a symptom not a root cause and will recur if you don’t fix the underlying issue


I know for a fact because of what I describe but also I’ve been in a painful battle with a number of low life vampires recently, one of them damaged my root chakra.


I have the same shit , someone who does healings for a living and is really good at them told me I have tons of holes in my chakras , I think it just comes to diet , meditating with intention to heal the wounds , the practical part is hard sitting down and dealing with the stuff , and I have some parasites I can feel i don’t know how to get rid of them



With persistency.

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They starved me too so yes that will have contributed to the fogginess and confusion. A healer commented on it when he examined my energy body recently.

Try Lord Yeesch. Search the forums for info on this spirit.

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Astaroth, belial, and namaah helped me with my issues.

The parasite I had was an imposter spirit that I let in from my own inexperience and foolishness. It was attached to my right shoulder blade in the back.
I used the method from ya girl VK to evoke namaah and astaroth. During the ritual i felt sharp pains in the area that the thing was attached too and what felt like a ripping off as sensations.

After I was done with my ritual, i got up to go do something and got hit with panick, fear and anxiety pretty hard as i went though a darkened room, (didnt help that I was at home pretty much alone) and i saw this being try and attack me, it was male, very pale and had one of those weird mouths that look like a leech, and as it lunged at me to latch back on, i witnessed astaroths sword cut this imposter swiftly into pieces and then incinerate it. All those uncomfortable emotions and feelings left right after that and I haven’t had issues since.


I don’t remember. but you rotate your chakra left or right. one way is to open, the other is to close. U figure it out. =o)

Then you need to cultivate more energy for repair. go hug a tree.

Thanks I’m experiencing it in my solar plexus and forehead I feel something , for some reason I only feel like calling on angels , it seems calling “demons” has a higher chance of impostor showing up to me it’s pretty bad I feel kinda unstable 24/7

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cultivate more energy so you can repair. Do microcosmic orbit to balance all chakras. If you lack energy there will be leaks and holes. Patching up leaks one need more energy to fill the holes and then with intention of energy to circulate your energy body to self sustain itself. Once energy body balance, it’s easy for it to protect itself flowing it’s energy pathway.


I get that. I would Then call on the angels, st Michael, st Gabriel, st uriel, st Raphael, metatron and sandelphon. Or the norse, Freya, Odin, Eir, Frigga. Or on the LOA and LWA. Or use the shamanic methods of the native Americans. They will all help if you ask. Even call on the supereme all and ask for help.


Oh hekate is always a good choice for everything too.


or use tuning fork 528 hz on self , water , and food if your lazy for repair of energy body through cultivation means. hahaa.

great tool to have for a pick me up and its not that expensive considering the benefits for life. This frequency is specific for repair dna. the other frequency are for different purpose.