Reoccurring Visions

I wanted to make a journal of anything I keep seeing that can be shared with the public. Feel free to add tot hen if you can complete them or even tell me what you think they mean. Just like anything else with Magick I think one vision couple me 10 different things to 10 different people which is always so interesting to see.

The first one that I keep getting is about two gates.

Two Gates Vision

This one always takes places post some major work event. The sky’s are Smokey and dark the sun barely seeing through the smog. The ground is baron and chard. Building in shambles etc. kinda would you would expect post apocalypse.

All of man kind is put into two groups in front of two gates. The keepers are infernal it also seems like Azazel at one and Belial at the others. I am always observing this from above maybe from a hill or cliff so I can see just the mass size of the groups of people.

I can always see through to the other side of Azazel gate is always bright, sunny, and beautiful. Kinda like the earth reborn and pure. The people passing through that gate lose the memories of where the come from and get a new beginning in this few time. Building homes with their hands and using natural power Sources, horse and wagons and small farms for each house and a lot of harmony and peace.

The other gate that Belial is at. I never seen through to the other side. It’s like there is nothing at all. The people just disappear into the darkness. I truly have no clue what happens to them. They just poof.

Watch I see is always the rise of the infernal and Lucifer having his empire here on earth. When I first saw it it confused me because it had such a calm and peaceful out come for those like us. The sides were of any type of judgement just winning and losing sides. I guess where you go I the end depends on who you chose to fight with? The how they all go there is really cloudy to me.

I really want to know what happens to the others going through the other gate too.


I haven’t seen the two gates like this but I’ve seen myself, husband and kids all walking hand in through a gate. To me it looked like a negative image (negative as in photo exposure kind of negative) and we were all glowing. Gates seem to be coming up a lot recently. Especially in tarot.

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It’s funny you mention gates, one of my initiation rites involved walking through a “gate” of sorts


It almost seems like if you want to sort of lose your progression for a nice life (until that, too gets fucked up by humans), then go through the Azazel Gate. It doesn’t seem to require much in the way of courage, if everything’s all sugar and spice on the surface.

Perhaps the Belial gate in your dream has relevance to having to face yourself, your fear, and that knowing you may have to take a leap of Faith when going through it, not knowing what you’ll find on the other side.

Maybe the two sides of the gate represent our Light and Dark Self? We know the Lighter part from (most) of our upbringings, but the Darker side has to be faced, not always knowing what we’ll encounter.

Hell, not even 8am here. Guess it’s my cue for some more Dark Roast coffee. Black.

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This isn’t a dream through. I am usuall wide awake when it hits. And I am not a part of this not in these groups. It reminds me of the herding of sheep. Almost like when they send them off to slaughter. It’s very funneled and it will hit even when I am doing stuff like work or school or just watching a show.

If it was while I was sleeping I would think I am working out a lot of stuff, but this one never comes in my dreams.

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I think gates are just common if you think about it we pass through door ways and gates everyday.

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