Reoccurring bad dreams

For approximately 3 months I have been having bad dreams about 70% of the nights. Sometimes they last a long time. Other times (if I’m lucky enough to shake myself awake) they only last a short time. They all have a reoccurring theme: I am traveling to an unknown place with friends and/or family. We become separated. I am left with no supplies, no wallet and no real clear idea of where I am or where my friends/family are. I am also worried for them because I know that they do not know where they are either. As a background: One of my hobbies is disaster preparedness, so I obsessively carry certain gear with me in a small backpack wherever I go. So the dreams could just be a product of this hobby. But it seems like there is more to it. Also, recently in the dreams it seems like I have developed dementia or Alzheimer’s and am having trouble communicating to people in the dream what I am trying to accomplish. Any thoughts?