Removing intranquil spirit remotely

Has anyone remove an entity, in this case an intranquil spirit, remotely? I won’t call it to me as I’ve already had to remove it once. I was thinking about a poppet but again, concerned that making a duplicate of the infected person may bring the infection so to speak. Thoughts?

You just find it tranquility, all spirits are motivated by seeking their own better situation, so yes you can do this but I’m not the person to coach you through it right now because too busy and caught up in other things.

But yes, it can be done. :+1:

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Hi how did you cast it out?can you help?i think someone did a spell on me & uses some kind of demon or spirit I think & firmly believe that someone did a spell on me I’m always feel sleepy & low energy dry lips throat I don’t know what kind of spell but now it manifesting physical illness please help thanks

Try an uncrossing spell and ritual bath. To take care of any negativity and unwanted energies. Talk to one of your guides.

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I think spirit that is sent to you is not as easy to remove it takes exorcism & I don’t want to end into a priest I want someone who can help me to remove it since it already causing physical harm already