Removing "blockages"

I’m not sure where this goes so I’ll just leave it here in general.
My workings with magic have always been for the most part quite successful. However in the area of relationships/sex/love it’s like I never casted. As I’m pondering on this I had to speak to my ex over our daughter(no big deal there we co parent oddly well) as I’m doing so I notice it’s like a black hole opened in my heart. A truly uncomfortable feeling overall.
Now it should probably be mentioned that we fell out over my being distant and her cheating on me on Valentine’s day. Which is exactly when I first got this black hole in the chest. It’s been years since we dated and I’ve gone through about as much cleansing as it is possible to do in that amount of time. As the rest of my magic is fine I’m left with the conclusion that I have a blockage of some kind that I’ve never dealt with or there is some kind of energetic link I never fully severed. Truly I’m at a loss. I’ve no idea what to do about it and I can tell it is destroying any work I’ve tried with love. If someone could recommend me a good demon for this or even a scan for something I may be missing would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been trying to work with Sargatanas for attraction purposes if that helps at all.

Since you have a black hole in your heart and there is a new moon in Leo coming up in a few days, now would be a good time to initiate some heart chakra/solar meditation. Duke Sallos and the sun god Helios come to mind.


Astaroth has helped quite a bit with this. I think it’s pretty much solved at this point.

Did you have prior success with casting love/sex magic and over time the success’ became unsuccessful? If so i had the same happen to me years ago suffice it to say i have since corrected the problem.

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How do you correct the problem?

This happened to me over 10 years ago.
In my case the problem was an evil sorcerer who lived above me in my building who could psychically pick up hours before i would leave the house to go clubbing i would cast a lust spell that never failed up until then to hook up with a guy and not just any guy a hot one with all the trimmings.
About 2 months after he moved in upstairs my lust spells just stopped working entirely but my other spells worked fine.
After a couple of weeks of my lust spell not working ( a spell that i had been using for many years) i cast to have the reason revealed to me in a dream and that nite i dreamed of being locked in a coffin and kids jumping up and down on the casket laughing maniacally. I woke up and said a spell to bring the meaning of the dream to me in the waking world. Suddenly i got the urge to cast the lust spell then and there so i got out the sex potion that i charged, parchment and a few other items to begin casting it and immediatly a man upstairs started to laugh and i was reminded of the kids in my dreams. I got really pissed!
I would leave cursing him later but first i wanted my power back, a power that i earned by studying and mastering years before.
I went into alpha cast a magic circle and placed a few barriers from the UnderWorld to “that” type of sorcery in my astral sanctuary. About an hour later i recast the lust spell and went out for a walk.
To say the least my lust spell worked as usual when i stopped at a pizza place during my walk for a slice and i arranged a hook up for later that night with a hot af guy in the restaurant. That neighbor who i never saw in person moved out within the next month.