Removing bad energy and parasites

So I’ve had a string of bad luck these past few days. Bathroom light went, toilet light went, kettle broke, someone died outside our house, mum burnt her hand, her filling fell out. This has been going on for a while but much worse in the past few days.

I called sargatanas a few days ago and when I woke up the candle holder which was made of glass shattered and burnt the petition underneath it. The next day the light went. So I’m not sure if it’s him or another parasite causing me these strings of bad luck but it’s definitely getting banished with force cause I’m not allowing this.

I was thinking of carving on to a black candle “ I banish any spirit causing me toil “

And covering it with salt and calamus to enforce my intention on to whatever is messing about.

Does anyone have any advise on how to banish parasites or just prevent bad luck happening in general because my mums blaming me for all these miss haps lol.

Thank you!


Try damon brands magickal protection, there are two rituals there 1. Sword Banishing and 2 master protection.


Now think/meditate really deeply. Did you (or subconsciously) think there would be a payback for what you have been doing all this time? Did you obsess over the same thing that you have short circuited the lines?
I’m a novice but I would do a banishing for this. And get yourself a clear mind. stop. cool down.

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I agree one hundred percent. I think it’s due to the amount of spells I’ve done on that particular girl and my doubts after every spell. Some spells were petitions to demons so it makes perfect sense that it’s causes a chaos of energy in my home. I’m purely focused on a cleansing now, can you recommend me one for this situation.

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I don’t know. I don’t follow the conventional ways. One time I got something wrong I asked King Paimon to banish if there’s something that didn’t belong, and he took care of it. But he is the only one that I regularly whine.

That’s a solid advice. Do it. You have nothing to loose.

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Master protection ritual is a 33 day ritual, supposedly if you do it 1 you won’t have to do it again but once a year. If I remember correctly there is a thread here regarding the master protection ritual.

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Give the house a thorough cleanse first, wash the floors with rosemary water and move from inside the house to outside towards the door like you are removing all energy and then throwing it outside. Also burn sage or palo Santo and open the windows while doing it so the energy has a chance to leave.
When you have done that, get some epsom salt and have a bath yourself, if you do not have a bath then at least your feet and see if you can have all the other members in the house do the same thing. Besides doing this, tidy the house or change up items if they’re in the same spot for a long time. Especially if its messy, energy sticks around.
This all should make a big change.

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Normally stuff like that happens when you call spirits of the forest like Pan, Muma Padurii or primordials like Cerberus, Furfur… If is not the case then might be the time to banish and cleanse

We all told you something like this was bound to happen… and you just wanted to talk about how successful your magick is. I remember you getting really snappy with me when I told you to watch out how much magick you were putting into this and I remember others saying the same thing and you getting upset about it…

Much easier to prevent issues by taking a step back than seeking them out (which you’ve been doing) and then trying to fix them.

My advice though, is to figure out where your energy is and direct it away from causing more issues. Example: meditating and finding out your energy is circling around this girl who is polluting and happily sending it back to you with Sitri/ Sargatanas/ Dantalion/etc. who are in the area because you asked them to be, meditating and actively removing your energy from that path/situation, cleansing it, and bringing it back to yourself.


I’m not sure exactly what is going on but what this sounds like is simply energy going out of control. Iv seen similar things happened to a past friend. She was so obsessed with getting this one guy to like her that it brought her nothing but misery. Her luck went down the drain, she became extremely depressed and paranoid. She didn’t care that her house was falling apart or the fact that she really didn’t have food in the house. She literally made this set of spells all about getting this guy and getting vengeance on his GF by doing multiple spells, curses ect. It honestly was a mess. I suggest a good banishment and cleans. Another good thing to do is meditation and ground your self. When things like this is going on, you become ungrounded very easily.

So I have to agree on doing the whole back tracking. Ask help from either those that is helping you with this spells or call on someone to help fix the issue. Just look at this as a lesson.


Thank you for your advice! definitely it seems like energy out of control. Like this never happens with dantalion but after sargatanas the candle holder cracked nearly setting the place a blaze and then things kept breaking or going missing the day later and following days after that. Your right a banishment and cleanse is needed as well as grounding.

I’ll work on them!!

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You might want to call all the spirits you called (Dantalion, Sitri, Sargatanas, whoever else) and tell them to stop adding their energy to your situation. It’s not always advisable to call multiple spirits because their energies tangle. Also, some of them just like to fuck with people.

I like to think me and dantalion have a good relationship, he’s the only one I’ve seen instant and clear clear results with thus far, the others it’s really hard to tell. Thus I leave him offerings. And I’ve spread his name quite a bit.

Could I ask him to help me shift my thoughts away from spells after I’ve cast. And help me “detach”.

And your right, some do like to fuck with us lol.

In your position, my first step would be to call Sitri and Sargatanas and ask them to stop.

Dantalion will play with your mind, of course, but you’d be ready for it!

I definitely recommend what you guys are talking about. And about the whole grounding and cleansing I suggest ask for someone that is good at this stuff that can help ground the energy further to help. If nothing els you could go to Lucifer for aid or someone of similar position. Iv heard Lucifer has helped quit a few people. Belial I know from experience has helped. I personally work more with Satan then Lucifer but he has helped me quite a bit.