Removing a Vampiric Energy System

Sorry for so many questions about energetic removals… Bit by bit I’m uncovering what the issue is thanks to the support of BALG members. Your advice does not go unappreciated :slight_smile:

With regard to the energy vampirism problem I’ve been having, by my divine authority I re-established mental and energetic order and set protective measures within my body/temples/space. The energy vampirism problem disappeared for about 5 minutes, and then came back. The system is attached to my abuser, and he uses it to vampirize from me/to control my day-to-day. I can provide a drawing of what the system looks like, as it appears he’s designed it to function this way. He’s sort of hijacked my energetic system. For example, just now, he tried to command my system to remove the energetic links/barriers I have set up. Liken it to a computer running a virus.

Distance does not seem to mitigate the issue. He’s not around me presently and somehow our energy systems are linked.

Does anyone have experience with energetic systems and could explain to me in more detail how designed systems work? And if I can mechanically alter it myself like reverse-engineering in a sense? Just trying some new ways to solve a stubborn problem.


I think a drawing would be very interesting.
Does it involve tendrils as is commonly used in vampirism? :thinking:


Yes absolutely. The simplest version of that would just be a mirror spell, where his influence bounces off you and back to him. Give me a moment ill edit this with some more reversal stuff.


It involves electromagnetic cords, not tendrils. When I wave my hand over the system, there’s a sound distortion - barely audible but discernable to me. And also the lights are affected by it sometimes and vice versa.

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It does look like a shield, only in reverse, to keep your energy in rather than stop unwanted energy coming in.

This sounds perfect :slight_smile:


I have a particular system of looking at energy which makes manipulation pretty simple. I describe it as though they are pressure fields. There are two polarities which need to be kept in mind, and the relative strength of each group of energy also.

Masculine, positive, light energy, is one polarity. It’s focus is on pushing. The other polarity is feminine, negative, dark energy. Its focus is on pulling. And then you have the two relative strengths. The strength/pressure of any mass of energy can not be quantified by itself, as the strength/pressure is determined in relation to one or more other masses of energy.

For instance, if you have a mass of energy with a density of 1, another mass with density of 2 would have a higher pressure, and a third mass with a density of 0.3 would have a weaker pressure.

Understanding these two things gives you immense control over energy. Ill go over a few examples that look at both the polarity of the energy, and their density, to determine how they will behave.

In the case of a high pressure light energy, and a low pressure dark energy interacting, the light energy will push into the dark energy, and the dark energy will be turned light. In the case of a low pressure light energy, and a high pressure dark energy interacting, the dark energy will pull the light energy in, and the light energy will be turned dark.

It might initially seem like both interactions have almost the same result, but it isnt the case. Light always pushes, and dark always pulls. However, if one polarity has a much greater density than the other, that polarity will be the only one remaining after the interaction.

So, if light energy with a density of 1 interacts with a dark energy with density of 0.5, the end result will be a mass of light energy with a density of 0.5, as the light energy has to spread itself thinner to fill the mass. And vice versa.

If you can understand this, you will have an advantage when it comes to energy manipulation. Of course, both light energy and dark energy can be programmed to carry out different tasks, or to vibrate in different modalities (the 4 classical elements are a good example of that), but the fundamentals I have shared are the most important.

Examine the energy, and figure out what type of energy he is using. If it is a straight vampiric attack, it is almost certain he sits within a powerful field of dark energy. Of course the strength of the field is relative to the strength of your own field of light energy. In this scenario, you could focus on making your energy toxic towards them, and generating just enough light energy that it is steadily sucked towards him. This will use the strength of the vampiric attack against him, as he will be consuming poison essentially.

If he is using some form of electromagnetism, I would liken that to attack with a field of light energy. In that case you can summon within yourself a powerful field of dark energy to pull that energy into yourself and take it from him. In a sense, perform your own vampiric attack against him.

In fact, after reviewing your picture, it seems like he lodged an attack with light energy against your own system which has damaged some of it, and then he has flooded your system with his own energy as a means of corruption/control. I would surround myself with dark energy for an extended period of time to starve the systems he has put in your body, and draw the energy from it back into your own control.

The real secret (and I can’t believe im sharing this publically, might remove in a few hours), is that if you place yourself in the correct space astrally most of this can be automatic. You don’t have to do the work to summon the correct energy if you just allow yourself to sit in a field of the correct energy. Feel the energy he has placed within you, and isolate it, or fix it in a specific place within the astral. You will want it to be in an area of a weak to moderate field of light energy. Afterwards, take the rest of yourself, and sit within a powerful field of dark energy. Then, just examine the energy he has put into you, from your seat in the astral. The energy will naturally flow from it and into you, like ocean currents almost, or magnetism.

Also, have you used the sigil I sent you?


Thats a very good tactic and I like that you explained it based on both types of potential systems he is using. Thank you very much for explaining and outlining all of this. Highly informative and I will be examining the systems to see what to do.

I haven’t used the sigil yet but that’s because I’m currently balancing myself out :slight_smile:


Thanks glad I can help. No worries if you dont wanna use the sigil either, no pressure I was just curious.


Very helpful, and I did read the whole thing. Sorry my reply was short. Hope you have a blessed day :slight_smile:


I’ve dealt with this issue before. Banishing only worked so much and it on lit officially stopped when I petitioned a spirit to kill the people doing this and when I started putting up shields empowered by certain Deities.

Calling on someone like Surtur can remove any attachments he has on you. As them to separate it and then create a shield or multiple and ask various entities to empower it. One like Apep for example can make the energy he drains from you toxic

Keep up wards or even servitors.

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I appreciate your advice, thank you. And thank you for pointing out that banishing only does so much, you sharing your experience provided some reassurance.

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