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Your true Self. As universe is born and dies you remain.
As vast ages swirling by you remain You.
As death, death of pits fall into the Oneness we all fight against. You remain you.
As a whole creation is born with all 12 dimensions, universes, and all matter of life in it, you remain you.
Forever the same, forever changing.
You remain you.



To will. To know. To keep secret. To have patience.

I manifest Thyself to be true.

.conquer the old over the new me
.the rot is to much to bear alone
.its all rather sad

.unknown imagine the whole
.break it down
.tear it all down
.enkindle the seeds on the eons

.quite the busyness
.business is a must
.sale high/sail high
.buy low/my goodbye

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.a function, you hate
.a wish, you want
.a dream, your daymare
.a thing, me

.tie maze
.fry craze
.lie braze
.pi 3.14159265359

I’m just throwing this out but I’m starting to notice you’re basically spamming his post. To me that is what it appears and most of what is being said makes no sense.

If this gets me in trouble oh well I’m stating what I see.


I noticed this too. Conner is a very busy man. He’s an Author, super active on here and does his own rituals for hire. We all want his attention of course what he is doing is amazing, but i am also sure his notifications are over load with the popularity he is seeing. My dear give him time if he chooses he will respond to you. Please be respectful to him and the rest of us. :two_hearts:


Will. Silence.Concentration.Patience.

This guy isn’t even a Satanist. Almost everything single religion, and every part of so called human civilization as been about tearing down the self of a person.

All of the known and unknown gatekeepers were the true Satan (title) of their own creation from which their they are from. They fought until the bitter end not to join the whole.

Doing stupid little fucking rituals is not going to cut it. Warring with only your OWN essence IS.

I don’t need a fancy rug, candles or any of that junk. I only use my own essence for real magic. Nor do I pledge for some uncaring deity either.

What I am writing is very, very old style of incantation. See the huge difference between myself and Mr. Kendall everything I know comes from myself remembering it from my vast other lifetimes. I can ACTUALLY use that info in countless ways. I am not a mouth piece for other entities too.

I been using pictures and words to write incantation on his threads for months now. Using the forums energy to help to progress it seems to have been working.

Midnight came to me months ago. I only work with one spirit at a time. I worked with
Archaelous to help E.A. last year.

I am not from this place or time. I came back to help those that need it.

Once it is done. It’s done.

So from reading that just now to me it sounds like you are putting him down for his ways and once again trying to preach yours, which I have seen you tell others you do not do and don’t recommend doing.

Now I could be wrong but seeing with my own eyes this what it appears. Personally the way one practices magick is up to themselves. No we don’t need to use some of the things we do but for most it helps focus. What’s wrong with that?

Anyways as to the OP true sight is amazing and getting past that illusion is not easy but it’s well worth it.

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To be honest mate I tolerated you for a while and ignored you. I have to be honest you talk a lot a shit fair play, going off on tangent’s, claiming your this guy who knows everything from recollected memories. Awh poor old me I don’t live up to your expectations I don’t give fuck mate :laughing: I never will and no I’m not a Satanist.

I don’t have a title or a name it’s fucking limiting, calling myself a black magician on the other hand, gives me absolute freedom. See what I don’t get about you is, you bash other people’s good decent work, claiming that your better and point out differences

That means your just a spiteful and egotistical asshole and I have had just about enough of it.
A Magus, a witch, a black magician wouldn’t put someone down or claim superiority or point on why we are better than someone of our own kind.
We ascend together therefore we collaborate, we help eachother.

All I’ve ever seen from you is mostly nonsensical mumbo jumbo mystical comments which are completely open for interpretation. Secondly a bunch of random videos and pictures which maybe share a common theme.

What’s really funny is take a look in the mirror cause if you believe your in the right and this is how people in the LHP are supposed to be, then I would turn away from this path, cause I would never be like you.


I really needed to read this right now. Not necessarily about who but more in general with the putting people down and viewing them as lesser beings. @C.Kendall

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In b4 the close.

I freaking adore you right now. Keep being who you are and working hard for what you have. I have seen E.A more then once say you are the real deal. Plus, I know all of my personal experiences with you over the years :two_hearts: Thanks for this post I am and will always be super proud of you!

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Give me a mo to tidy this up please folks. :+1:


Okay so whatever you may think of him, you did post a lot in this topic and not seemingly in any constructive way, so please desist from anything which may be perceived as derailment of another member’s topic, and targeted abuse or insults.

YES - it is annoying if we feel we are on a fundamentally different page to someone else and they are preaching from a pulpit built upon shifting sands, BUT that happens all the time, across the forum, and there is not now, and will never be, a heckler’s veto on who may post what here.

That was @C.Kendall’s OP, he may post what he choses providing it is within forum rules.

Make your own journal/s to share your experiences and the mass of readers will be able to choose what makes sense to them at any given time.

But please, avoid even the impression this is a personal vendetta to shut someone down, because that cannot be tolerated on here. :sunny:

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