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Hey. i hAVE AN ORDER OF LUCIFER, WANN join? :slight_smile: THE INITIATION INVOLVES A PACT :slight_smile:

she doesn’t need a pact right now… (imo)



If you want to increase your credibility, then don’t write it capital letters. It makes you sound like a preacher.

Also, it’s disrespectful to proselytize like this, because it seems like you’re pushing it on people.


sure :slight_smile:

there are somethings that need be pushed. Sometimes the hand of fate must be forced. this is such a time. taake hitler, take fascism or any other example. well not this example specificaly but time in general. caps was an accident.

you where supposed to joint too. your Facebook is off line :slight_smile:

I feel offended in so many ways :joy:


what is offensive to you?

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She hasn’t done any practice yet… a pact wouldn’t be good…

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There is a difference between offering your opinion and preaching. When you act like this, there is a self-evident pretension to truth.

EA doesn’t come off that way, neither do others I know who have similarly strong opinions.


You mean what isn’t…! I’m not here to bash a new members, but maybe the OP should be a bit more careful with her choice of words… Aaaanyway, lets see where this is going.

well you know being in the hands of lucifer and making a pact is very good practise depending on w she does. i’ll look after her if anything.

She can’t even hear or sense spirits.

I’m not saying you wouldn’t but baby steps.

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u do not like dictatorship i presume?

yep. BABY STEPS INTO THE FIRE. If we really wanna ascend that is. :slight_smile:

i mean no problem. you take yur own will . we will go from there :slight_smile:

this is merely a modus operandi i choose at this time for my purposes :slight_smile: nor do i intend to abide by others when unnecesary.

If you believe you are truthful, then the faithful will come.

Yet, if you are not, then they won’t.

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they do. at this time i desire to take as many as i will personaly while the others come themselves. and i am missing you in this game richard :slight_smile: on my side of the board.