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hi can we talk please give me your email

Before going around asking people for their personal emails, maybe you should follow the rules of this forum and introduce yourself in the appropriate thread:


You can PM me if you’d like :blush:

No, he can’t. He’s new to the forum so doesn’t have that capability.

He’s either a troll or a bot because he hasn’t posted anything except asking for email addresses in various threads.


Ah. I see now.

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iam not a troll or a bot iam just new and want to talk to her please

iam really not a troll or a bot iam new how can i pm you

You don’t have to give any information

If you are not a troll, then follow the rules, and introduce yourself. It is required and no one is going to pass their email address to, or PM, someone they don’t know. It is suspicious behavior to keep asking.

You do NOT have the ability to send a PM because of this exact reason, to prevent new people coming onto the forum and hassling members. Anyone can check your posts and see that you have not done anything in threads except to ask for email addresses.

If you want to talk, start a conversation by opening a thread and ask a question, AFTER you post an introduction.

I have already referred you to the moderator @Lady_Eva because of the above behavior.


ok sorry i didn’t know that so how can i introduce myself

Go to my post and click the link. Then reply the same way you are doing here.

^^ This

@issam this forum is for talking so talk here, don’t be creeping on girls man.

OP, It’s really cool to hear Azazel has connections to crows, i always did wonder which daemon would.

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hi can you give me your email we need to talk

hi we need to talk can you give me your email

Dude, this thread is over 6 years old. I don’t think Brutus is on the forum any more and will not respond to you.

ok sorry

@issam I have sent you a message, please check the green icon, top right of the page, thanks. :smiley: