Remove physical/digital evidences from a distant phone

Is there a way, or a spirit to work with,
To delete or remove certain things or images or files or even texts, from a target’s phone?
Without getting the phone completely broken or useless.

I can be able to change perceptions of target towards the texts or images, that can be concealed to some extent,
But the question being, to remove evidences of my choosing

Any suggestions appreciated.

No, not really. A spirit could perhaps crash the phone and make it unusable, but it is highly unlikely to be able to erase specific data like that.


Furfur is pretty good about fucking up electronics and technology (which is a little annoying since technology will actively work against me when she’s trying to get my attention, and I work from home).


What do you think of XaTuring for this matter?

I’ve read a lot about him before, but I guess my working with him on some matter in the past didnt go quite right :thinking:

XaTurning is the god of the internet. He would be powerless to really do anything unless the phone was connected to the internet and the data was stored there. If the data you seek to destroy is self contained on the phone’s hard drive or sd card, XaTurning couldn’t get to it.


Xa’turing can pretty much destroy peoples phones/computers from the inside out. That would be a good pick

I also second the mention of Furfur. One of his more hidden abilities is his ability to cause mechanical failure of devices. The key here is you may want to focus on destroying their phone…making it inoperable…versus trying to target some specific messages


@Verdo , understandable.
I’ve known Furfur’s ability on that matter too.

The “evidences” to deal with, are images and texts.

@DarkestKnight texts stored on the server, such as Skype, I should be able to deal with that with XaTuring.

The remaining specific images on the phone, taken at a certain time, are meant to be removed without harming the whole phone, Preferably.

I wonder, could I able to convince the target to backup their old things (preferably. I know it makes things complicated, but I wish to) without talking to them specifically about it. Afterwards, the phone is wonderfully okay to crash or data wiped in some manner hmmm :thinking:

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I had one recently change the size of text in my phone. I have no clue how to change it or even how they did it. I sat my phone down walked away came back it was switched
Idk lol odd but not odd