Remove negative energy

Is there a demon to remove negative energy from a place or a person?
Ive been feeling very depressed recently and ive noticed its strongest when im in my room .
Ive tried cleansing and banishing and it still doesnt help at all
Ive tried sleeping on the couch a few days and noticed i was better

So i need something stronger than banishing or cleansing… maybe a demon that could remove this negative feeling… im only used to working with goetia demons and lord lucifer but i dont know who’d help me with this
Ive asked lucifer for help and i noticed im not as depressed anymore but still the room feels really off…what can i do?

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For more clarification i have the seal of manifestation to block out any parasites or imposerts so i dont think it’s one?

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materialists as a small, singular point of intense light. He brings the clearest of truths to situations and materialists smooth resolution to any situation. Extended rituals with Glas’yos helps erase paranoia, anxiety, and depression.

raises spiritual vibrations to the degree of curing illnesses, resolving problems instantly with incredible smoothness.

silences the weeping and gives joy to the ill at heart,
His positive vibrations are pure, and cleansing every negativity away from the magician, or the magician’s target
Chant : Dirrigugim


Thanks alot thats realy helpful
Is Glas’yos the same as Glasya-Labolas or are they different entities?

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no, Glas’yos is from E.A’s book of Azazel.

Raphael as an entity for healing is also good for this, also Belial as generally an expert in releasing negative blocks.

I have had help from Samael in removing negative entities from spaces and myself before.

Energy is sentient, so at some level, you can treat it as either an entity or an ambient energy and it will work either way. I’m an animist, but I mix and match as I feel like it.


I’ve got a theory and a different suggestion; communication. I sense you might be a sensitive.

You might be feeling it’s mode of communication (emotional energy) and it’s conveying how IT feels. Your emotions can gain a level of awareness, the same way you’re aware of life happening around you even if you’re sad.

I believe your progression is trying to communicate with you, but you keep hitting “B” so to speak when your Pokemon wants to evolve. Open yourself to that energy. Your banishings aren’t working because it is your Self trying to end the miscommunication you two have.

That is the impression I have. Take our perspectives and make a move; trust yourself to find the right answer for you! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot i actually stopped trying to fight that feeling and it went away without me noticing even … so im feeling much better i think your theory might be right

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