Remove a necromantic crossed condition

This involves a pentagram placed in a cemetery. How would you go about removing this crossed condition?

Why, is there a problem? There’s no reason a pentagram can’t be in a cemetery.

Yes, it was used to place a crossed condition on me, using the Dead, and I’d like to know how to remove it.

If you want some help, you should provide some details. Otherwise, you’re going to get the same generic advice. In addition to what I ask below.

How do you know this pentagram is attached to you?

How do you know the dead are after you or causing something to happen?

How long has this been going on?

You seem to post about having problems frequently. Is there some underlying cause to all of them?


I was under heavy attack daily for quite a long time. I’m almost free from that, just clearing up loose ends, and will be hiring Orlee next week to help me clear the worst of what’s left to deal with. I’m just trying to help myself at the moment with healing and moving myself on, but with complex situations like mine, it’s a matter of peeling back the layers until you get to the source of the issues.

I know these things through divination, and the Tarot reader I went to, to help me troubleshoot, also the feedback from ancestors and other spirits I have working relationships with, plus my own higher self/mind.

I will say, there’s been huge improvement over the past 6 months. :slight_smile:

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A cross between a curse and bondage, according to my closest ancestor.

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oh yeah, there are uncrossing baths you can buy. Youtube is full of little uncrossing rituals. Not sure how effective they’re

I’ve never been into necromancy so maybe it’s different. But, a cemetery is usually where I bring spells to die. If I want to cancel a curse, pact, or petition I’ve written out I bury it in a graveyard.