Remote solar light banishing resistance?

I was hoping I could get some insight into a banishing I did last night for a friend with mental health issues.

It had gotten bad again where she was rambling about aliens inside of her and hearing The Beatles ‘She’s Got a Ticket to Ride’. Just not all there. Lives in a different state.

I lay in bed. Close my eyes. Ceiling light is on. Do solar light banishing. When I get to the third eye chakra on her silhouette I’m visualizing, the light in my room I can pick up suddenly gets really dark. I know that it’s not really happening – my kid is nearby and is terrified of the dark. He would’ve said something. Everything feels claustrophobic and heavy. Never experienced this when sending solar light to her before. I get a little bit afraid and remember that fear is supposed to compound issues like this, so I focus on loving kindness. Heaviness lifts and light in my room returns. I got to the sacral and I’m exhausted. I have our mutual friend finish the solar light banishing from the root chakra down.

Was this just empath senses being overloaded by bad mental health issues or something else?

The entity possessing your friend may have just tried to possess you… you might want to set up a circle of protection before your next attempt to cleanse them.

There is a reason why this thing is attached to your friend if it can’t do the thing it won’t hang around… just don’t let it do it to you… it can be so easy for them to take advantage of you… and they do change you… horribly so…

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I second shades comment, the room going dark I’ve seen befor when interacting with spirits was like my realm and there’s merging for menu was cool but in that situation it was ad for you kad ou didn’t panic and continued to cleanse and used light and joyous things to come ack to normal.

I think it might be helpful in fighting the spirit if you chose to attack it so it’ll leave her alone. But be carful. Could try doing your banishment and at the point out have the angels or who ever our usings attention try to re open the door so the angels or who ever gets injected Ino there realm and almost forced to act on your behalf.