Remembering someone face

Hi everyone i want to know is it possible to ask an entity to make me remember someone face unfortunatly i have a problem in remembering people face ( Idk its few months that i forgot people faces no matter how many times a day im seeing them )

A specific person’s face? Or general facial recall?

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Specific person face for future spellwork and evocation

I saw her last week and still i forgot her face

Her face is in your unconscious mind; you need to fish it out. There are several approaches to this; here are a few, and they could be combined.

  1. Petition yourself to remember her face, in dream or while awake.

  2. Entities like Cimeries are associated with finding lost things; reach out to one and see what happens.

  3. Attempt to scry her face, with the help of a lunar intelligence or divinatory spirit.

Get creative :slight_smile:


Thank you so much

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