Remembering Dreams

Hello guys,

I’ve been submerged into Magick these past 2 weeks, working in developing all my abilities as a magician on a daily basis, plus preparing myself to obtain a Loa spirit to work with me, which ritual and negociation will happen next week.

Also, working on my preparatory immersion for my evokation of Paimon, in which im planning to make a pact, to work together with him, i have tried to evoke him in the past, with little success, but i have been talking to his sigil, walking with his sigil around, and sleeping with his sigil under my pillow a few times. I promised him to quit smoking which i had done, as a proof of my respect, and seriousness in regards of working with him, so when the time comes for me to evoke him he answers my call.

After i decided to take the step to let magick in fully into my life, i have been having problems SLEEPING, waking up every hour or so, from dreams/nightmares i cant remember but a few images and words, a few days ago i decided to write down everything i recall of my dreams after i wake up to make sense of this, a habit i havent fully mastered yet. (im sleeping with my laptop next to my bed, since im gonna be using it as my journal).

This past 2 nights, i have been putting more attention to my dreams, and the small bits of it i can remember after i wake up, and fully forget throught the day, today i woke up from a dream in which I WAS BEING TEACHED A RITUAL, i can not remember the whole dream, just a small part in which i had several white candles tied up together, to use in this ritual, cant remember the number of candles, but im thinking ‘‘7’’ was it,
i know i had a black cloack on me, and the only color i can remember from the dream besides teh white candles is black everywere, black table, black room, etc.

My questions are, is there a practice, or any kind of magick that would help me out remember my dreams?

Is it possible that, even tho’ i haven’t evoke paimon on an authentic powerfull ritual, he is trying to communicate with me already?

Or the Loa spirit, i will be acquiring next week to help me ascend? (which i still don’t know what Loa spirit will be)

I’d really appreciate any advise or help here, specially to remember the dreams.

Thanks in advance.

If you want to remember your dreams… Then you should keep a pen and a notebook besides your bed before sleeping.

And whenever you wake up…immediately write everything you remember.

It will hardly take 2 min. To do so.

Regarding Paimon : yes it might be possible that he is trying to communicate with you. When I worked with dantelion in past. Before I evoked him. I opened his sigil and ask him to show me a path to solve a thing. And I got the answer about that in my dream.

And regarding Loa. I don’t know much. But I have heard one needs to be initiated by a high priest into vodoun before making contact with Loa. Otherwise it could be harmful

[quote=“adhi69, post:2, topic:7013”]If you want to remember your dreams… Then you should keep a pen and a notebook besides your bed before sleeping.

And whenever you wake up…immediately write everything you remember.

It will hardly take 2 min. To do so.[/quote]


But is there a way of remembering past dreams?

None that I know of, and there are some I would like to recover, to be sure, lol. Dreams are kind of like temporary folders on your computer. When you shut down your computer, those folders get dumped, the data is lost. If you go into those folders and save what you want to your hard drive before shutting down, the data is always there. Dreams work the same way. Unless you consciously remember it (saving it to your hard drive), the data gets dumped.

Something that worked for me to remember dreams was making a sigil from the statement of intent “I always remember my dreams”. It worked for a couple of months. If I’d been doing a dream journal during that time, I would still be remembering my dreams. Journaling is a way of telling your brain “this is important”.

If you want to remember your dreams, get enough sleep. Ideally, wake up naturally before your alarm goes off. You should be able to remember what you dreamt much easier. Because the alarm clock is a jarring object and instantly stalls your train of thought.

But yes, keep a dream journal.

Drink plenty of water before going to bed. Then dont use the bathroom and sleep.

Thanks guys,

I’ll work on that dream journal from now on, and the other practices you named… Its just a shame that i can’t remember, feels like i was given something very important written in a piece of paper and the wind blew it out of my hands before reading it and lost it. :confused:

Don’t know, maybe it’s the number 7, but i got the feeling the ritual has some connection to planetary work. You where wearing black, your temple was black the altar was black, everything except the candles where white. To me this reminds me of the duality of spirit and matter. Maybe the blackness represented the material, the physical. And the white candles, represented a connection to the divine. Maybe the purpose of the ritual was to bring down omnipotent power into your temple and yourself, and use that power to bring material change.

This is just me guessing, and i’m probably wrong.

What i would do is to go into a meditative state, and then visualize the dream i had, in your case that ritual scene you remember. Then meditate on the dream, and when you go into theta gamma, you will start to remember more, and the dream will spark to life, and you might have that dream again. You can also make a sigil for this to remember that dream, or use the sigil of an entity that is a master of dreams.

The candles could be key, since they stood out. Where they in a certain shape or form, maybe in a circle formation around the ritual, or something else.

Lastly i would not recommend, to work with Loa, they are really intense spirits, and certainly not for beginner workings.

Is funny that you bring this up, because i’ve been trying to get ready for this, studying all i can about Loa’s and getting familiarized with their system, the more i learn about them the more i realize i wasn’t ready for this yet.

Today i spoke to my friend, who is the one introducing me into these ‘‘Mysteries’’, after meeting with the haitian gentleman who was gonna transfer his ‘‘Mysteries’’ to me, including a Loa, he was advised that i am not ready yet, gave me a name and address in haiti, of somebody that will help out with this when im ready, and that ‘‘Baron del cementerio’’ aka ‘‘San Elias’’ whose being watching over me and walking with me for a while know will let me know when im ready.

To tell you the truth, i am glad it came to that point, there are lots of things i need to acomplish before i step into that ground, and till i dont feel ready and powerful enough myself to step into this i won’t, it is exactly what i told my friend, who understood my position but told me that he has no doubts that i have the potential to pull this off, and if that same potential is telling me not to do it now, then is the right thing to do.

I have an odd method… I tend to try to program myself… I learned early on that people could easily be programmed so I thought I could do the same…

Both deprogramming myself (always a work in progress lol) and reprogramming myself…

I would program my own self to forget certain things as well as remember…

Double edge sword my friend :wink:

Do a ritual to yourself for self and call upon yourself to remember such?