“Remember, you’re the master of yourself” - E.A. Koetting

How does E.A. know that this is a fact? How do I know that it’s a fact that I’m never out of control in life? Can somebody explain what E.A. meant by “master of ourselves”?

It becomes fact when you make it fact. That’s how he knows, it means you control your life, you control your actions. It’s not something coined by E.A it’s something that has been a saying for quite a while now.


“Be the master of your own destiny” don’t forget, daily meditation! I’m really bad at that one myself. But I plan to do the blue ray meditation.


“You’re the Master of yourself” and you manifest this by listening to and obeying your governments, their public servants and media. If a statement is issued, as Master of yourself you accept and act upon that statement uncritically - no edgelording! Essentially, being a Master of yourself involves subservient compliance with the herd. There are a large number of practitioners on BALG who can help. Just think and do what everyone else thinks and does.

Here are a few handy suggestions:
Trust me. Whatever you do, don’t try to become greater than the mortal you are leaving behind. Why strive when you can be comfortably deluded? And talking of E.A. Koetting, please buy his books and watch his free videos on-line; just make sure you don’t do anything. There’s no point in pushing yourself. Armchair Magicians – love ‘em!

Stay away from O.N.A. material available on-line because they’re National Socialist. Don’t study, apply or read between the lines of Anton LaVey’s atheistic stuff, because he was a Showman. When you get a Taro deck make sure you study what other people say the cards mean – don’t study the actual cards! And never use a separate deck for active Magick.

A handwritten, coded Magickal Journal? Get fucked! Magickal weapons? No point! Alternatively, if you must get a Magickal Journal; get an expensive one, preferably covered in dead animal skin. You can also equip yourself with a full set of the four Magickal weapons via on-line shopping.

Hope that helps.


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Because you get to choose your behavior in any particular circumstance.

You can learn new tricks, aaaaand the being is the only ruler of matter and energy. You literally move atoms on your will alone.

Why do you think your will cannot move other things?

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