"Remember the Sabbath, and keep it holy..."

How many of us are mindlessly obeying one of the 10 Commandments, when we slog through the week and look forward to the weekend?

After some discussion, me and my sweetie have decided to abolish the concept of “the weekend” - based, as the current one seems to be, on the original Jewish Sabbath, which has reached so far afield via Christianity.

It suddenly seems obscene to me, to look forward like slaves to a Sabbath handed down by people who commited cultural genocide on our ancestral traditions, and whose off-shoots continue to cause havoc round the world to this day.

Look at this shit - it’s everywhere!

That and a million more memes, all promoting the same old ideas…

We may be being unnecessarily judgemental here (that happens!) but the increase in drunkenness in the UK from Friday afternoon onwards reeks of a slave population gleefully seizing inebriation, on the days handed down by their masters, as a respite from the disempowered, wilfully blind, and self-destructive lifestyles they pursue all week.

I don’t know (and don’t particularly care) whether there was a custom like this in northern Europe prior to the imposition of a genocidal middle eastern cult, of allocating specific days in the week for rest, but we’ve decided instead to choose two days of the week, one of which is Sunna’s day for now, and another seperate day, to schedule slightly more rest, and a special meal on each day dedicated to our work with those spirits and gods - as invited guests, of course.

We might change that up, or might adopt a custom of rotating days, it’s a new thing so probably will change as we get used to it.

Luckily, our schedules permit this, but many people work on “the weekend” whilst still making those two days somehow special, in their own minds if nothing else, and we intend to do the same where a “day off” isn’t possible on our oreferred day.

So yeah, bit of a weird thing, but I walked past a village pub yesterday and that vibe, like kids at the end of term FINALLY able to get their free time (and probably spending most of this morning recovering, and tomorrow, after tonight’s “celebrations,” will probably barely exist at all for a lot of them) and it just sickened me to my stomach.

I’ve just spent several hours updating our diaries and calendars to remove references to “weekends” and the usual kinds of diary thing, like having those 2 days shown in different colours… and, thought I’d share as an idea, a sort of experiment, in eradicating a seldom-questioned artefact of Xianity.

Thoughts (aside from, “You’re a fucking lunatic aren’t you Eva?” - to which the answer is HELL YES!), anyone?

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I agree, but I do enjoy my days off of work. I book Sunday off every week, because I use it as a day to catch up on laundry, clean one of the rooms of the house, etc. I’m a creature of habit so it’s nice to have a day dedicated to that.

Can’t fault that - I’m one of those people who has to have all the labels on tins aligned, actually it was the inconsistancy of accepting the whole sabbath idea that suddenly struck me.

It does feel strangely liberating, to intentionally dispense with it - 2 years ago I did a rit to rmove all traces of Xian programming etc., and for someone who’d never even professed that faith, there was still a noticeable energy shift when I did it, presumably from the default programming and stuff in the culture.

I think the programming with this stuff goes pretty deep, and since in magick there’s a link between attention, faith, and actual results, the unthinking acceptance of a tradition like that seems… a bit dodgy. To me, anyway. :slight_smile:

Here’s an idea:

  • Instead of worrying whether it bothers you, use negative states to empower positive states of existence. Anything other than Harmony, such as “Friction” generates its own unique energy if properly harnessed.

  • The Weekend, or Saturday and Sunday for example points to the Planet Saturn and The Sun. Working with Saturn is about working with Bindings, and the Sun is that liberated feeling of how you choose to Shine (if you worked with Saturn Work properly). Essentially one could Deduce that the weekend is about properly unwinding (unbinding or changing ones bindings) so that one can enjoy a proper weekend and of course shine on the day of the Sun.

  • Xianity is a Solar Religion, and there were other Solar religions. They also likewise all have their own ascribed activities associated with them. So instead of moving against the flow perhaps understand more what it is and instead move more harmoniously with it by creating your own religion (like a Matrix within a Matrix)? Instead of going to church you create your own ritual, and then perhaps later your own activity. For example people go to church and then have a good Sunday Brunch for alot of well to do christians… I definetely love the brunch (activity), and church for me is checking out all the pretty girls and sexually vampirizing them (church) or whatever… which is one ritual day I like to do.

Just a thought, or you can do whatever you want.

[quote=“Biosynth, post:4, topic:7808”]Here’s an idea:

  • Instead of worrying whether it bothers you, use negative states to empower positive states of existence. Anything other than Harmony, such as “Friction” generates its own unique energy if properly harnessed.[/quote]

I get what you’re saying, but I’m disgusted by a lot of things about modern society, and the fetishization of “the weekend” as the only time for slaves to be free, as handed down from years gone by, seems increasingly obscene to me.

I searched and was unable to find any similar tradition of a 7-day week with 2 consecutive days set aside for “rest” and worship in any tradition outside those which have enslaved my ancestors (Rome) and then obliterated their culture (Xianity), so for now we’re going to choose the days that honour our gods, and after talking about this some more, alnost certainly change it up whenever suits us.

Bear in mind that I’ve never been a Xian myself (standard disclaimer, I like some people who are, I’m talking about the faith and its impact and not being hard on individuals who are just trying to make sense of their world) - so I’m not living a second lifetime of reaction to everything that was in my first life, I’m simply attempting to bring the same critical examination to this custom that I have to my own ethics, and various things in society that most people take for granted as “the way things are.”

The worst chains are the ones we cannot see…

Yeah. Society is generally structured to Work on the Weekdays. So I just flow with that. But I break away whenever I feel like it or need to, as I lend it no Emotional Credibility. Your own emotions towards anything ARE the bindings. I find myself not caring about certain things that I used to care for. It is because I am no longer bound to them. Then again if I choose to bind myself to something I will. So the freedom to come and go as I please is a good incentive.

Well, the nasty black magician lady isn’t going to steal people’s weekends, like some satanic Grinch in high heel shoes - in fact when I become a goddess, not only will you all get tails, I’ll also change reality so that there’ll be an 8-day week (Evaday between Friday & Caturday) - and that will be a day off for everyone, except for giving mandatory footrubs to the ladies in your life.

The earth’s orbit has long frustrated the OCD among us who wanted to square everything away to round numbers, so I shall fix that shit good and proper! :o)


my holy days are full moon and new moon, and i prepare 2-3 days prior to the event.

in the last years i’ve been giving less and less attention to the fridays and weekends, and now i see it’s a good thing! :slight_smile:

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