Remedies Botanica

We are located in San Diego California, we can ship worldwide. Our website is we also do consultations over the phone or spell work over the phone at 619-855-7299 or by email [email protected] our paypal [email protected] we also accept major credit cards

This is the botanica I work at. I used to deny people online, but now that my boss says we can actually charge people online, I’m all for it!
We also have a shit ton of herbs and other products we can ship. The majority of which we grow ourselves. We also make many oils, alcohols, powders ourselves. Soon the website will be updated to reflect new merchandise.

Just saw this. There are mainly 7 things I use for incense, but have to go through 3 different sites to get them all, it would be nice to make a one stop shop. I prefer to buy by the pound, except Dragons Blood, that stuff is expensive so I buy that that per half pound; also copal I only buy by 4 oz as I don’t use it that often. The other four are sandalwood bark, mugwort, wormwood and frankincense, these I buy by the pound. If you can send me prices on any of these you sell I’d appreciate it. I also use rose, but I grow this myself, as I use it fresh cut as an offering before I dry it and use it as incense. Thanks.

We sell all of that for $2.99 an ounce. I don’t recall Dragon’s blood price.
Also, if you’re interested, we frankincense colored like fruity pebbles.

Thanks man, I’ll bookmark this for the next time I need to order some more. Thanks again for the reply.

No problem dude! Our hours are 10 am to 7pm, Monday’s through Saturday’s.I come around 4pm, call any time!

Will do, I’m in Shaver Lake, CA so we are on the same time.